Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi, Similar to MacBook Air, Could Be Better

We love tablets, we love laptops. We’re starting to love tablets that double as laptops because they give us the feeling of portability but do not limit the functionality we need. Asus has a new hybrid/convertible laptop that’s closer to … Continue reading


Intel and Micron to Release 3D NAND for 10TB SSDs

NAND is all over the news this week. Toshiba/SanDisk just announced its 48-layer BiCS 3D NAND, just hours before Intel and Micron announced its partnership to create its very own NAND flash chips for SSDs. It would stack up 32 … Continue reading


Dell Adds Premium Options to Their Inspiron 15 Laptop Lineup

In between working on the “world’s thinnest tablet” and developing the world’s smallest 13-inch notebook, Dell has been busy adding some pretty sweet upgrades to their mid-range products as well. While the record-setting devices are nice, not everyone can afford … Continue reading


Leap Motion Technology Will Be Incorporated into Razer’s OSVR Kit

Virtual Reality isn’t just about putting a headset on. More and more companies are integrating hand-sensing technology into the whole experience. This makes the world truly immersive by being able to touch, and sometimes even feel, objects around you. OSVR, … Continue reading


Nvidia’s Autonomous Vehicle Technology, Drive PX, Using Tegra X1

Nvidia, known for making semiconductors and video game components, has also been busy working with automakers for a decade now, powering digital dashboards and infotainment systems with its Tegra processors. Now, it has come up with its own autonomous car … Continue reading


Alienware Alpha Packs PC Gaming into a Compact Console

While console gaming has come a very long way since the days of the Atari, it still lags behind comparable technology in several areas, most notably in performance. Even the relatively newer consoles struggle with running at full 1080p resolution, … Continue reading


Google Has Devised an ‘Ebola-proof’ Tablet

If you watched television or used the internet at all last year, odds are you know at least a little about the West African Ebola epidemic. It was a ruthless outbreak that spread all the way to the United States … Continue reading


Logitech’s MX Master, a Multi-Functional Mouse for Today’s Multi-Tasker

What’s in a mouse? It just so happens to be one of the most widely used input devices ever. It connects us to the digital world. It makes our hands and fingers a little more powerful. In all seriousness, however, … Continue reading


Scientists Have Found a Way to Turn Those Pesky Packing Peanuts into Power

Planeteers, unite! If you’ve ever unpacked something fragile from a large box, odds are you’ve encountered packing peanuts. Those pesky little bits of foam that come flying from the box as soon as it’s opened, somehow seem end up everywhere … Continue reading


HTC One M9 and HTC One M9+, Specs and Rumors Revealed

We know that HTC announced a very new smartphone this week, the One M9. But what’s all this about another announcement regarding something called the One M9+? Early rumors suggested this was a phablet variant of the M9, but it … Continue reading


Dell Latitude 14 E7450 Review Features Broadwell

What does Dell do if it wants to squeeze its way into a very particular niche of laptops, currently occupied by Lenovo ThinkPad T440s (I told you it was specific)? The Dell Latitude 14 E7450 would be the answer. Carrying … Continue reading


OCZ Debuts its Vector 180 Flagship SSD

A new solid-state drive (SSD) from OCZ is here, and although it was designed to compete with the likes of high-end SSD’s like the Samsung 850 Pro, it doesn’t quite meet benchmark performance expectations. That doesn’t mean it won’t be … Continue reading


Dell Latitude E5420 Power & Volume Buttons Circuit Board Removal and Installation

This how-to guide shows the removal and installation of the Power & Volume Buttons Circuit Board on the Dell Latitude E5420 laptop. A small Phillips head screwdriver and a plastic scribe is needed for this repair.


Dell Latitude E5420 Bottom Base Chassis Removal and Installation

Learn how to install and replace the Bottom Base Chassis on a Dell Latitude E5420 laptop. This will take you set by set through the complete installation and replacement process. A Phillips head screwdriver and a plastic scribe is needed for this replacement.


Dell Latitude E5420 LCD Back Cover Removal and Installation

This how-to guide shows the removal and installation of the LCD Back Cover on the Dell Latitude E5420 laptop. A small Phillips head screwdriver and a plastic scribe is needed for this repair.