Acer Put out the Chromebook 15 With the Same Large Screen, a Good Battery, and Pretty Low-End Everything Else

A new Chromebook is out from Acer, yet it’s already getting the boot from some sources, who are agreeing many of its features are being compromised to make up for such a low price. The Chromebook 15 from Acer is … Continue reading


The Updated Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga: A Beautiful OLED Display and a Beast of a Price Tag

By now it’s no secret that the collective laptop world is awaiting the release of Apple’s new 2016 MacBook Pro with bated breath. It’s late October, we know its arrival is eminent, and we can all but guarantee it will … Continue reading


Portal is a Router That Lets You Stream, Play and Surf Without Too many Devices Slowing you Down

The home wireless network has a very large job- multiple smartphones, tablets, and laptops are receiving its signal, and let us not forget the streaming Netflix videos, or Xbox gaming sessions relying on a nice, reliable signal. Well, a new … Continue reading


Google Announces Chromecast Ultra, It’s Upcoming 4K Version of the Streaming Dongle

The recent Google Pixel event gave anyone who is a Chromecast user and lover, like myself, something else to look forward to. Yep, besides the ease of maintenance (you plug it in, that’s it), your smartphone immediately becoming your remote … Continue reading


Sonder Could Be Lucky Enough to Have Apple on Board With Its New Customizable E-Ink Keyboard

Magic keyboards? What could be magical about a keyboard, besides the fact that it’s the portal that has, and continues to, create countless codes, letters, columns, books, and anything else creative you could think of? Apple could reportedly be “in … Continue reading


Ockel’s Sirius A Wants to Be The Cutest, and Most Groundbreaking Mini PC Ever

You know those Dutch, always exceeding in the most intriguing of areas. I’m more than a fan of the Dutch, I am partially Dutch, so I’m allowed to boast about their technical culture. A particularly profitable Dutch firm, Ockel from … Continue reading


One of the Best Tablets Catered to Artists? Wacom’s MobileStudio Pro Tablets Are Dedicated

Wacom, you know them from more devices than you may think. The company has been responsible for countless years of outfitting 2D, 3D, and CAD artists with pen tablets and displays for their own artistic use on desktops and laptops. … Continue reading


The Asus ZenPad Z10 Is a 9.7-Inch Tablet Available Through Verizon

Asus and Verizon are teaming up to launch the new ZenPad Z10 ZT500KL tablet, exclusively tied to the carrier nickname, Big Red, and full of the best specifications yet. Just last week, Verizon announced the new offering in its stores, … Continue reading


Some of the Most Budget-Friendly Laptops of 2016 Could Compete for Your Attention

I don’t know what’s harder than trying to toggle the best laptops of the year, or what would be my personal faves, heck, the year isn’t even over. But you know what happens to be easier to discuss, the most … Continue reading


Asus’s Latest ZenBook Is the UX410 and It Screams Amazing

Asus has been highly active lately. It’s been one laptop reveal after another for the tech company. In fact, last week was the declaration of three lovely new devices. This week, we’re just hearing about the a ZenBook, the UX410 … Continue reading


Panasonic Talks About Its Flexible and Twistable Battery Technology

More bendable news has arrived! Right around the same time of Samsung’s rumored reveal of two bendable tablet devices at the 2017 Mobile World Congress, Panasonic is now talking about its very own bending and twisting battery technology. Some may … Continue reading


Asus Launches Stylish New Laptops, the ZenBook 3, Transformer 3 pro, and ZenBook Flip

Asus picked three lovely new devices to announce all at once. The ZenBook 3, Transformer 3 Pro, and ZenBook Flip are all noted as stylish laptops, ready to take a stab at all of their Apple and Dell competition. In … Continue reading


Samsung’s Near Future Could Be a Bendable One With Foldable Tablets

What? A bendable, foldable tablet from Samsung? Could these just be rumors similar to the ones regarding Samsung’s foldable smartphones in the the past? By the way, we stopped hearing so much about those foldable smartphones from Samsung because the … Continue reading


Asus ROG Announces Its Strix GL702VM, Speedy and in a 17.3-Inch, Portable Gaming Package

Asus is so stoked about the release of its ROG Strix GL702VM, 17.3-inch “slim” gaming laptop, that it’s begun taking orders for the device immediately. Asus aims at showing the world that a gaming, and even VR-ready, device doesn’t have … Continue reading


The AT-AT Multi Stand From Premium Bandai Is a Star Wars Fan’s Organizational Dream

September may be just a tad bit early to start thinking about Christmas presents, but it is also when some of the best upcoming products and gadgets start getting announced for gift season. This year, it seems, is shaping up … Continue reading