HP’s New X360 Spectre 15 Is Discrete yet Svelte 2-In-1, Large and in Charge

As you may know, HP has redesigned its 15-inch Spectre X360, in part to sincerely, yet vigorously solicit itself into the hearts of consumers, once and for all. You see, HP is a fantastic multinational IT company, with huge leaps … Continue reading


MSI’s GS63VR Stealth Pro- a Lightweight Speedy Gaming Laptop That’s Going to Make Waves

The word has been spread, and right off the bat, “MSI’s updated GS63VR makes a big leap up in the gaming laptop food chain”. More words we’re hearing are that the slim and attractive new Stealth Pro by MSI has … Continue reading


KDE Slimbook Means Your Favorite Ubuntu Linux-Powered Laptop Is Here, and Is Premium

Upon this Valentines week, we all know love hurts. Despite the amount of love for the operating system Ubuntu, loving Linux isn’t always easy; and it doesn’t always equate as a solution to energizing an aging device. Linux is perfectly … Continue reading


Olimex TERES-1 is a D-I-Y Laptop Kit With Open-Source Software & Hardware

Once the Raspberry Pi entered the world, everything changed. It was kind of like the day the iPhone came out. We all had cell phones before, but that was when everything was taken up a notch in terms of possibilities. … Continue reading


Lenovo Has a Fantastic Trio of Professional ThinkPads on the Way, One Vr-Ready

After just discussing the interesting display technologies inside of the Yoga A12 convertibles, I had to rewind and remember, not all consumers are after the offbeat and the super visionary. Some folks just need a reliable, high-performance workstation, and many … Continue reading


Lenovo Brings Back the Halo Keyboard, but Affordably So in the Yoga A12

We sure liked the Yoga Book when it came out last year. In fact, it pretty much wowed the entire tech world. You see, Lenovo is really good at giving the best of the best when it comes to innovative … Continue reading


The TravelMate Spin B1 Convertible Is Going to Class With Windows 10 Loaded Up

Acer products range from laptops to desktops, to tablets and smartphones, to projectors and even cloud solutions. As of late, it’s become obvious that the company has been in the mood to offer something different; a different kind of PC … Continue reading


“The Thinnest Laptop in the World”: For the Moment, Acer Has It

As you can tell by the title, isn’t there always a hunt for the thinnest laptop in the world, in the universe, the galaxy? Well, actually, it’s more of a focus inside the computer market, considering this is where the … Continue reading


Lenovo’s Thinkpad 13 Chromebook is Just Enough to Serve your Needs

Chromebooks are recognized as the affordable and simplified option for anyone. From a college student in the classroom, to an even simpler environment like at-home use, this sensible Chrome OS-running laptop is almost always on the map for an affordable … Continue reading


A Brand New Option for Mini PC Tinkering is here, and Asus Created it!

If you’re a tinkerer and fan of all things DIY, boy is there something new for you to play with. Of all the companies you could consider becoming hobbyist and micro-computer board friendly, the medal goes to Asus, who has … Continue reading


Did The Google Pixel Intrigue You- Enough To Switch From Your Other High-End Devices?

I must be one of those consumer-types that see something everyone is talking about and immediately think I like it too. Despite being perfectly happy with my Samsung Galaxy S7, when the first Google Pixel smartphone appeared in front of … Continue reading


No Better Way to Turn Heads Away From the MacBook Pro Than a Revised Dell XPS 15-9650

Whether or not you become surprised after hearing what I’m about to tell you, be excited. New iterations from Dell mean there’s a brand new 15-inch laptop in town, with brand new hardware from both Intel and Nvidia. Not only … Continue reading


The Latest From Microsoft Focuses on Simple-As-A-Slide Power Management and eBook Store Updates

Just this past week, Microsoft began the run of its new Windows 10 preview build. This one, dubbed build 15014, following build 15007, will be tested on participants in the Windows Insider Program. The new OS features should allow users … Continue reading


Stanford Scientists Developing a Flame-Retardant Battery to Avoid Any Further Combustions

Oh Stanford University electrochemical masterminds, thank you for all of your continual hard work in the field of technology. Now that you have been tackling innovations in battery power, and released your new peer-reviewed paper, published by the journal Science … Continue reading


Dell Ready to Ship the World’s First 32-Inch 8K Monitor, Dubbed UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD

Dell, it’s all about bringing some of the most eye-catching, mint and modernistic technologies to the table. Each year, as CES displays what is considered a gorgeous, and highly anticipated glimpse of the near future. Most of what Dell shared … Continue reading