The Kobo Aura One is a Premium E-Reader With an Outstanding, Waterproof, and Adjustable Glow

When you consider the firsts regarding anything e-reader, you’d probably think Amazon Kindles right away, wouldn’t you? But may I remind you, the Toronto-based Kobo Inc. was the company to come up with the first waterproof tablet of its kind, … Continue reading


Nvidia Brings Full Desktop GTX Series Graphics to Laptops, Considering Never Going Back

I remember perfectly, just under a year ago, when tech giant Nvidia was considering planting their nearly perfect GTX 980 GPU into laptop form. Now, a year later, it seems that using some of its standard desktop hardware in mobile … Continue reading


Intel Took the Big VR, Rather, “Merged-Reality” Plunge With It’s Own Tetherless Headset!

Intel’s Developer Forum was in San Francisco this week, where the tech giant showed off some seriously next generation gadgetry that will go hand-in-hand for sure. Both items came a bit out of left field from Intel. But on the … Continue reading


The Inspiron 11 3162 From Dell, a Budget Notebook That’s Colorful and Plentiful

There is a super cheap Dell laptop in town, well, it has been in town but there has officially been enough time for the users, testers, and reviewers to give us their two cents on the device. The Dell Inspiron … Continue reading


Tech Startup Eve Has Put Design Ideas and Decisions in the Hands of the Community

What is this company Eve, and what is this Windows 10 device called the Flipper we are hearing about? Earlier this year we heard about Eve Technology, an innovative Finnish startup. Made up of 16 tech-enthusiasts (drawn from Google, Nokia, … Continue reading


The Super Competitively Priced Stream Laptops From HP Are Cloud-Friendly and Colorful

Dear HP, we’re always wondering what you’re doing. What will your next move be? Most of the time, in all honesty and full respect for you, where is your fire? For those of us wondering these same questions, at least … Continue reading


Roccat Sova Created a Lapboard for Comfortable Gaming in Your Living Room

What in the heck is a “lapboard”? It’s kinda like the most comfortable, versatile way to be lazy and game, watch TV, or basically do anything you’d normally do on your computer. I first envisioned the notion of a lapboard … Continue reading


Smartphone Charging Just Hit a New High – OvRcharge Is a Levitating Charger on Kickstarter

Man, gravity can be a real drag sometimes, can’t it. Before you roll your eyes at that terrible joke (if you can call it that), what if I’m referring to a new type of smartphone battery charging unlike anything you’ve … Continue reading


The Lenovo Air 13 Pro is Here, and in Direct Competition With the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Lenovo is at it again, and as the current holder of the world’s number one PC manufacturer title (Chinese manufacturer at that), it knew exactly what to do to compete with all these “Air” computers everywhere. Obviously, we’ve all gotten … Continue reading


Holophone Phablet – The Smartphone/Projector Running FULL Windows & Android

Sometimes it’s nice to read about a completely different kind of gadget, something that makes you turn your head. Something that’s not the latest iPhone or VR headset. In a world full of limitless smartphone decisions, this is surely an … Continue reading


VAIO’s C15 Color-Comboed Laptops- Are They Fashionable and Not Much Else?

VAIO, if it doesn’t immediately ring a bell it’s because it’s hard to remember, “Oh yeah, it’s that company Sony used to own, but sold off”. No judgement here, I myself been wondering what the company has been up to, … Continue reading


The Updated Dell Alienware 13 Features OLED Display, and It’s a Big Deal

We first heard of Alienware’s 13-inch gaming machine during CES back in January of this year. Even then, it seemingly won the crown for being a game changer for portable gaming. Since then, Alienware gave enough consideration to the 13 … Continue reading


The Mi Notebook Air by Xiaomi, Aims to Be a Good Alternative to the MacBook Air

Xiaomi, don’t you remember when it was just a name (attached to a $60 billion worth), when we didn’t quite know what it was all about, just that it was a popular Chinese brand inching its way into America? I … Continue reading


Storage Will Soon Be at an Atomic Level, Holding 500 Terabits of Data in a Square Inch

Cooler things are happening in the world of data storage, cooler and more innovative than you could even think possible. Yes, they’ve been getting smaller, more compact, and generally more energy efficient (a.k.a., both the use of space and speed … Continue reading


NVIDIA Announces Two New Graphics Cards to Fit Any Gamer’s Budget

It seems like every time I turn around these days, there’s a new top-end graphics card claiming to be the strongest, the fastest, or touting the heftiest price tag. It was barely two months ago now that we were introduced … Continue reading