Amazon’s Budget Tablets Lineup Expanded with Larger Storage, More Colors

Perfect for last year’s holiday season, Amazon came soaring towards the tablet market with its $50 Fire tablet by summer. It did well. For a decently priced tablet, holding 8GB of storage, it did all it needed to. Now, of … Continue reading


Acer’s Chromebook 14 for Work Featuring Gorilla Glass, Military Spec Compliance

When we think of Chromebooks, we think of these easygoing, basic notebooks, perfect for those who are living the cloud life. But now, there is officially a Chromebook out there for any individual’s needs. First sought out as the perfect … Continue reading


Dell’s Sleeker Business Hybrid, the Latitude 12 7275 Takes on Surface Pro

When picking out a brand new Dell laptop, what are you expecting out of it? Are you willing to pay premium? Go the hybrid 2-in-1 route? I’d sure think so, considering hybrids are becoming the new, and nearly default, design … Continue reading


Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro, Small, Affordable, and Port-Wealthy

Kangaroo Mobile, first released in desktop form by InFocus, global pioneer in visual communications, made waves in the ultra-low end PC market by giving consumers something ultra powerful to work with. This week, we heard news of the new Kangaroo … Continue reading


LED Implanted Skin Devices For a Whole New Way of Communicating

Although we live in the day and age of smartwatches, smart rings, and smart glasses, we’re definitely not used to the idea of wearing a computer on your skin yet (and yes, I’m talking directly on the skin). However, any … Continue reading


NexDock Makes Living a Life at Full Display and Functionality a Breeze

NexDock, a three-membered team who just hit the jackpot on Indiegogo, is all about its revolutionary laptop, said to “harness the productivity of smartphones, tablets, and mini PCs by adding a bluetooth keyboard, a capable battery, and a 14-inch screen”. … Continue reading


Lenovo To Launch Phab, a 7-inch Phablet Exclusive to Flipkart in India

Lenovo must think it’s some hot stuff. Not only is its new phablet dubbed the Phab, but it sports a massive display, and runs a good hunk of change. The funny thing about phablets, in my eyes, has to be … Continue reading


The New Kindle Oasis Is a Pricey E-Reader, Targeted to Execs & Night Readers

We recognize Amazon Kindles as these wonderful alternatives to reading on colored screens. The black and white e-readers are great for sitting at the pool, when the glaring sun would usually block any sort of legibility. Kindles have been offered … Continue reading


Huawei’s VR Headset Will Be Here Soon, Will Work With New Flagship Devices

VR headsets just keep on coming and coming, but it seems that lately, smartphone makers are quickly growing into the fad of all things virtual reality. We’ve seen Samsung make the Gear VR, Google make the Google Cardboard headset for … Continue reading


MSI Blows the Top off a VR-Ready Workstation, With Nvidia Quadro GPU

A powerhouse? A workstation? A laptop that is more than willing to give you an excellent VR experience? This is what folks are saying about MSI’s latest WT72, a chunker of a notebook, currently being dubbed as “the world’s first … Continue reading


HP Launches a Range of New Envy Devices, the Clamshell and Convertible x360s

HP must have been hitting it hard this past year (or however long it takes to build beautiful devices), because now, within days of announcing the slimmest laptop in the world, the Spectre 13.3, the tech giant has announced a … Continue reading


All the Reasons Why We Should Drop Our Jaws at HP’s New Spectre

“The Spectre Notebook is the best notebook HP’s ever made. It is also the thinnest notebook we’ve ever made. It is a marriage of engineering and design working together..It incorporates the highest performance Intel Core processors. When you look at … Continue reading


Can Encrypted Phones of Criminals Be an Exception to the Rule?

Remember hearing about Apple’s big situation with the FBI last month? It all started when Apple refuted the idea of opening up one of their deeply-encrypted iPhones the government had seized. Did I mention this particular iPhone belonged to a … Continue reading


Samsung Becomes First to Usher in 10-Nanometer DRAM

Samsung has really made a name for itself in the world of dynamic RAM over the last decade. They were one of the first major tech firms to make the move to a 20-nanometer process back in 2014, and they … Continue reading


The New IPad Pro 9.7 is a Next to Perfect Tablet, Not Quite a Full on PC Replacement

Apple’s latest tablet, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro may have debuted last year, but it is still being spoken about across the world, mainly because folks are finally figuring out just why Apple made this move. Tablets, in every sense of … Continue reading