The Acer Predator 15 – Solid Performance Ratings and Long Battery

Acer laptops are typically known for being a good budget-friendly option in the world of PC gaming. That’s not to say we haven’t seen some fancier, higher-end Ultrabooks by Acer. Take the Aspire 57 for example, which was released in … Continue reading


The New reMarkable Tablet Aims to Replace Pen & Paper

I love a good throwback. Football jerseys, flannel shirts from my 90’s grunge phase, a Sunday spent playing Tecmo Bowl… sometimes it’s just refreshing to escape a constantly changing world and revisit a time when things were simpler. I am … Continue reading


Pinebook: Specs Aren’t Stellar, but for Just $89, These Might Be the Cheapest Laptops Around

Linux has just done something super convenient by cramming itself, as well as an ARM CPU, into an $89 laptop. The company, called Pine64, gave us a sneak peek of its budgeting skills and style just last year, after debuting … Continue reading


LG’s 38-Inch Monitor Boasts a 3,840 X 1,600 Resolution, Countless Connectivity Options

LG is ready to impress, especially if you’re into photo editing, video editing, and gaming. The new LG 38UC99 is a step forward in the world of computer monitor technology. This is the biggest, baddest, and ultra-widest, boasting 38 inches … Continue reading


Neuromorphic Computing is in the Works to Make Our Devices Think Like a Human

There is a new lead in super fast computing. Neural networks are soon to arrive, and will take the world of machine learning by storm. We have some of this technology already implanted in many of our devices whether we … Continue reading


The Ubuntu Linux-Powered Oryx pro Now Comes With a 4K Display Option

When it comes to powerful laptops, it’s hard to argue the point that Apple builds some of the best-performing rigs around. For months leading up to the latest MacBook Pro’s release, news sites and tech blogs were perpetually filled with … Continue reading


Bring Extra Power With You, Dell’s Power Companion Devices Allow Your Mobile Office to be more Productive Than Ever

The Dell Power Companions are the key to all your low battery power woes. Being an on-the-go professional, or someone who simply relies heavily on their laptop for all day use, your mobile office can easily be powered and productive … Continue reading


Qualcomm’s New Snapdragon 835 Will Feature Faster, Safer Charging

It’s the eternal technological struggle – do you want your devices smaller or faster? And, is more processing power a priority, or would you rather have a device that holds a charge through heavy use all day? For the most … Continue reading


Samsung 960 Evo, the New & Affordable M.2 SSD, Is Faster Than Ever

Right now, the Samsung SSD 850 Evo is top-of-the-charts when it comes to popular solid-state-drive (SSD) storage on the market. Arriving back around this time in 2014, it rated so high because it delivered fantastic performance with serviceable features, all … Continue reading


The New Surface Book With Performance Base Ups the Graphics, Amazing 16 Hours of Battery Life

We couldn’t believe it when Microsoft introduced its first ever laptop last year. The Surface Book, in all its anticipated and ultimate 2-in-1 notebook-ness (forgive the grammar, kids say the darndest things these days), was literally a hit. It featured … Continue reading


Indian-Based Lava Releases the Ivory Pop, a 7-Inch Tablet With a Low Budget and High Hopes

Have many of us even heard of the tech company, Lava? Actually an Indian mobile handset maker based in Noida, Delhi NCR, Lava International was born in 2003, and launched the world’s first Intel chip-based smartphone, under the brandname XOLO … Continue reading


Eclipse Could Be the Simplest Solution to Your Charging Demands

This isn’t the first time I have spoken about this topic, the topic of having too many charging cables and the anxiety that is associated with this burden. It causes an unsafe electrical environment, annoyance, Plus, another thing’s for certain- … Continue reading


HP’s Tiny Z2 Mini Is the ‘World’s First Mini Workstation’

After several years without an upgrade or major overhaul to the Mac Mini, it is now approaching relic status the PC world. Major computing manufacturers, especially those serving primarily enterprise and business environments, have to constantly evolve to keep up … Continue reading


Lenovo’s Updated Miix 720 Hybrid Includes a Very Strong Display, Kaby Lake Chips From Intel

Lenovo sure is ready for this holiday season, announcing its upcoming Miix 720 2-in-1 hybrid device during an event late last month. There’s a lot of competition to be had during this time, especially right after hearing about another tech … Continue reading


The 13-Inch MacBook Pro Is Touch Bar Free and Arguably More “Air-Like” Than “Pro”

What a second. Apple unveiled brand new, completely newly-designed MacBook Pros a couple weeks ago, including a futuristic Touch Bar and crazy upgrades, along with some precarious specs paralleling some high prices. To be expected, this has caused an overall … Continue reading