Wire-Free Laptop Computing with Dell’s New Wireless Dock

In the age of using tablets, phablets, and smartphones for everything, isn’t it sometimes a bummer to come home to your wired laptops and desktops? All those cords and cables sometimes make you want to just keep playing on that … Continue reading


Tesla’s New Home-Based Powerwall Battery Is a Big Deal

Elon Musk of Tesla made a big announcement Thursday, finally putting some more explanation to the recent rumors of a home battery. Dubbed Powerwall, it is essentially a gigantic battery, used for harnessing power. Similar to the battery found in … Continue reading


3-Atom Thick Material, TMD, Could Be Used for Future Electronics

TMD, an experimental material also known as transition metal dichalcogenide, is famed in the science and technology world as a highly conductive, ultra-thin film measuring just three atoms thick. Researchers from Cornell University have recently published what’s in the works … Continue reading


Parallels 2X Gives Your Raspberry Pi Remote Access to Windows Desktops

The next big step for the little Raspberry Pi could be something a bit different than its usual hobbyist and developer crowd. Aimed more for the business setting, the Pi will now be working with the Parallels 2X Remote Application … Continue reading


Alienware Amps Up Performance with the Graphics Amplifier

Let’s face it, gaming PCs kind of have the upper hand when it comes to upgrading and form factor. A laptop carries the restraints of smaller size and thickness, portability, and of course cooling. Instead of us waiting forever for … Continue reading


Your Favorite Interface, on All Your Devices: Microsoft’s Continuum Demoed

Microsoft is serious when it comes to getting as much out of Windows 10 as possible. The company is now showing off Microsoft Continuum, or the ability to use your smartphone as your desktop computer by adapting its interface on … Continue reading


The on Charger from Rubix: Snap Your Phone into Charging

Here is yet another beautiful invention after my own heart. I am a very frustrated person when it comes to my smartphone dying. If it were up to me, my house would be full of chargers at every outlet. Better … Continue reading


The LG G4 & Everything You Need to Know

After weeks of rumors and images popping up, and months of competitors releasing their own new devices, it’s LG’s turn to show off their very own flagship smartphone. It has been highly anticipated, and now we are seeing just how … Continue reading


Bodyprint by Yahoo Labs: Unlock Your Phone with Your Ear

We all know it’s a huge burden using our fingertips or passwords to unlock our smartphones (sarcasm). Can’t these things read our minds yet? It’s almost silly how accustomed we get to these new technologies just in time for another, … Continue reading


What We Know About Acer’s New Predator Line of Gaming Devices

This week, during the company’s press conference, Acer announced a new line of gaming devices including a monitor, 2 notebooks, a tablet, and a desktop computer. You may know that Acer hasn’t really been a gaming company up until recently. … Continue reading


Turing Phone, Made of Liquid Metal with End-To-End Encryption

The most durable smartphone on the planet? What makes a phone live up to such words? Turing Robotic Industries has made such a claim with its Turing Phone, a brand new Android-powered, “impossible to hack” smartphone promising end-to-end encryption, as … Continue reading


Butterfly Research Leads to Glare-Free Self-Cleaning Display Screens

Art is often inspired by nature, and it seems the same can be said for technology. The journal Nature Communications stays on top of these sorts of trends and just published findings that could seriously upgrade the surface of your … Continue reading


Google Announces Project Fi, a New Way of Looking at Wireless Service

Google has announced their mobile network called Project Fi, a plan to offer millions of mobile device users “cheaper and smarter plans” across America. It has been a rumor for a long time, and unlike Google Fiber, which requires the … Continue reading


The Tri-Finned Trinity PC from CyberPower- There’s Method Behind This Madness

I don’t know if the look of the Trinity PC is something to gawk over in a good way or a bad way. At first glance, it’s certainly one of the strangest looking PCs you’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s meant … Continue reading


Google Lets You Hunt for the Loch Ness Monster With Street View

This week marked the 81st anniversary of one of the most iconic and infamous pictures to ever spark a world phenomenon, the famous “Surgeon’s Photograph”. Taken in 1934, this photo is almost singlehandedly responsible for the worldwide interest in Nessie, … Continue reading