The Origin EON17-SLX is Desktop Performance in a Gaming Laptop

What in the world is Origin PC? If you’re not a big gamer you might not have heard of this custom PC manufacturing company. The Florida-based company was founded by Alienware employees in 2009. They have since become professionals in … Continue reading


Lenovo’s Latest Budget Laptop, the IdeaPad 100s, Delivers About what You’d Expect for Under $200

Laptop trends have been making an interesting shift lately. Since the introduction of the Chromebook, it seems that major laptop companies have taken a decided interest in machines with a lower price point. Whereas traditionally (or at least for the … Continue reading


Asus Announces New N Series With Skylake Processing and Nvidia GPUs

Asus does a good job saying what’s what when it comes to high standards in laptop hardware. Wondering what that currently means? It means saying “Yes” to Intel’s new Skylake CPUs, which are becoming the “it” factor in most computers … Continue reading


Wi-Fi Routers Could Take on Powering Gadgets Using PoWiFi

Everybody loves it, everybody uses it, and most everybody has it. It’s Wi-Fi. Not only is this “local area wireless computer networking technology” everywhere you go, but people are thinking of new ways to harness it and put it towards … Continue reading


GateKeeper Will Keep You Logged Off Your Computer Until You Walk Back Up to It

A large part of the American workforce sits at a desk and logs onto a computer for the entire day. The rest of the day involves the leaving and returning to the desk, basically as often as any bathroom visit … Continue reading


Panasonic’s Toughbook 20 Is the First Super Rugged Hybrid From the Company

Some folks who work in outdoor or hazardous environments might enjoy a reliable 2-in-1 for getting their work done. Sure, there are options for Windows hybrid PCs out there, but none of them are built to be truly rugged. Until … Continue reading


Logitech’s Create Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro is $150 Well Spent

Unless you live under a rock, you know about Apple releasing a big brother to the iPad, the iPad Pro. Logitech has since come out with a keyboard case for the new iPad. Part keyboard, part case, the Logitech Create … Continue reading


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 Will Be Welcomed in 2016 Devices

It’s about to be 2016, which will mean an entirely new set of processors found in our smartphones. We know for sure that, as usual, many Android smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches will play house with the likes of Qualcomm. Speaking … Continue reading


Zolt’s Laptop Charger Plus Can Charge Your Smartphone, Tablet, and Laptop All at Once

Powering up your devices isn’t as simple as it used to be. In fact, sitting at your favorite coffee shop might turn into a frustrating battle to get that last open outlet. On top of that, I bet you need … Continue reading


BlackBerry Comes out With yet Another Smartphone, Priv, Runs Android

I don’t know that I’ve ever reported on BlackBerry. Just kidding, I’m sure I have. But let’s face it, there really isn’t much to get excited about anymore when it comes to this tech company. We know BlackBerry goes way … Continue reading


E Fun’s Flexx 9 Is a Windows 10 Budget 2-In-1 for the Whole Family

So many tablet choices, so little time. Some of us just need to find the perfect one. Some of us would love to have one with a keyboard. Others would love an extra for traveling, or one for their reckless … Continue reading


Samsung Knows When It’s Got a Good Thing – The Ativ Book 9 Pro & Spin

Back in April, I reported on Samsung’s sleek Ativ Book 9- an on-the-go, black aluminum laptop, weighing just over 2 pounds, with a resolution measuring 2560 x 1600 pixels. At the time, the Ativ Book 9 somewhat set the bar … Continue reading


Gregory Holloway’s (Pi)cture is a 3D Printed Camera You Can Have Fun Building Too

The Raspberry Pi is a well-loved mini PC that has been giving hobbyists and makers a plethora of new projects to play with since its birth back in 2012. It seems the credit card-sized, single board computers are giving folks … Continue reading