AMD’s FreeSync 2 Completely Ups the Ante With Lower Latency, and the Addition of HDR

If you recall, AMD has its FreeSync technology, something also referred to as Adaptive-Sync by computer display organization VESA. It’s the type of technology that came just in time to put an end to choppy and stuttering gameplay, tears, and … Continue reading


Razer’s Project Ariana Takes Gaming to Immersive New Levels

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is our annual opportunity to get a peek at the future of gaming, computing, and all things electronic. This year ushered in some stunning ideas and innovations in an array of technological … Continue reading


The Linksys Velop Wants to Beat Competition With a More Powerful Wi-Fi System

The year in tech began at CES 2017, where dozens of technological advances are being shown off one by one. From a simple upgrade to a 2-in-1 notebook, or an astonishingly new approach to watching television using facial recognition, CES … Continue reading


The Best Windows Laptop of 2016 Just Went Convertible

It’s no secret that Dell’s XPS 13 has been popping up at the top of nearly every “best of” list for laptops since they debuted back at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show. Not only is it widely-touted as the best … Continue reading


The New Military Grade Acer Chromebook for Schools Can Withstand a Beating, or a Spill!

I am biased when it comes to Chromebooks. I love them, and I think you should too (you being the general population). The reasons why you should love them is as follows: they are perfect companions for the simple computer … Continue reading


Announced at CES: Great Lineup of Asus Devices Include Intel’s Latest Kaby Lake CPUs

As CES approaches us, so the quest for the most innovative and interesting technologies to ring in the new year. As the largest technology conference of the year, CES is known as the perfect platform for companies to announce their … Continue reading


Latest Advancement in Battery Power Are Based on Good Ol’ Bacteria

There is huge importance in the continuous development of battery power and its sources. The high price of batteries (of all sorts) is mostly due to the fabrication time and technique involved in making them. Not only are we striving … Continue reading


LG’s New Levitating Speaker Will Lift Your Spirits and Elevate Your Sound Game

There are but a few hours left in 2016, and before I ring in the New Year, all I wanna know is – where the deuce is my hoverboard? Sure, Lexus demo’ed that board that hovered over a special magnetic … Continue reading


X86 PC Port Version of the Raspberry Pi’s PIXEL OS Released for Mac and Windows

We know the Raspberry Pi as one of the most popular and affordable mini PCs ever created. The Foundation’s purpose has always been to grant a full-featured desktop experience for a fraction of the price elsewhere. Hence, the mere $35 … Continue reading


Anyractive’s Portable GoTouch Transforms Any Screen Into an Interactive Whiteboard

There is a new digital display option in this lovely and innovative world of smart things. Now this is no ordinary projector, such as the LG ProBeam ultra-portable projector from last week, which stood the test of ingenuity by combining … Continue reading


The Nintendo Switch Will Feature Nvidia Tegra Chips Instead of Faster Pascal

Many of us have been really excited Nintendo releasing something brand new. It’s been a long waiting, and now the highly anticipated portable gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, is almost here, and it uses Nvidia Tegra for graphics. Due for … Continue reading


LG Is Ready To Show Off Its Tall and Thin, Totally Portable ProBeam Projector

The television came out in the late 1920s, so if you think about it, it has been around for a very long time when you look at your own life time. What’s most interesting, is how the television has gone … Continue reading


Newest Member of the Arduino Family Is the MKRZero, a Shrunken Down 32-Bit DIY Board

Anyone who isn’t into baby motherboards like the Raz Pi or Arduino line, you’re probably not going to know what I’m talking about over here. However, to all the Arduino lovers in the world, you’ll be happy to hear about … Continue reading


Gigabyte’s Aero 14 Gaming Laptop Upgraded With Nvidia 10-Series Graphics, vr Ready

Gigabyte Technology Co., known for being an international manufacturer and distributor of computer hardware products, motherboards in particular, averaged 4.8 million motherboard shipments in the first quarter of 2015. When not making millions of sales, Gigabyte also likes to bust … Continue reading


Acer Is Ready for Serious Competition With Its New, Ultra Thin and Light Spin 7 Convertible

When I grab the tech news section of the web (this is just me being nostalgic), I see all of the latest ultra-thin laptops modeling after one another, or more competitively, modeling themselves after a MacBook, or a Windows 10 … Continue reading