A New Prototype from Microsoft Adds Touchscreen Real Estate to Your Surface’s Keyboard

More so than nearly any other product on the market, Microsoft has excelled in bridging the gap between tablet and laptop with their Surface and Surface Pro lines. Given the widespread popularity of their hybrid device, it stands to reason … Continue reading


LG’s New Rolly Keyboard Makes Typing on a Smartphone a Breeze

Smartphones these days are no joke. We shouldn’t even call them smartphones. They’re more than something that makes phone calls. They have become an extension of our hands, our favorite little helpers, the fastest reference tool ever- and we spend … Continue reading


LG’s New G Pad II Is a Tablet with Battery Power to Spare

The introduction of super-hit tablets like Apple’s iPad and the Samsung Galaxy Tab were met with rabid excitement from consumers at their inception, but sales for the ultra-portable gadgets have seen a remarkable decline in the last year. While this … Continue reading


Samsung Debuts Fast Wireless Charging in a Simple Round Device

In today’s world, we go along with our day with our mobile devices glued to our hands, and most of us know what it’s like to run out of juice right when we need it most. Even worse is when … Continue reading


Android One-Running Infinix HOT 2 Well Received in Africa

Android One, an initiative meant to introduce budget smartphones with a “pure Android experience and timely OS updates”, is still a bit of a stranger to most of us. Google has been mostly quiet after announcing the project back in … Continue reading


Turn Your Smartphone into a 3D Scanner with Microsoft’s MobileFusion App

The concept of 3D printing may be old hat to most of us now, but how scientists and researchers are using the technology is still cropping up in some new and exciting ways. 3D-printed rocket engines have passed their first … Continue reading


Dell’s Latest Gaming Laptop, the Alienware 18 Packs a Punch

Dell has a new gaming laptop that might just have more power than the average laptop user could handle. As Dell’s very own flagship, the new Alienware 18 is packed with some powerful specs and a large 18-inch display. Known … Continue reading


The Internet from Space Race Heats up with Samsung’s Latest Earth-Wide Satellite-Provided Proposal

Google has already begun testing with balloons (see Project Loon). Facebook is currently working with solar-powered Internet drones, OneWeb is garnering funding for satellite clusters, and Elon Musk’s SpaceX program has already filed for permission to begin testing their satellites … Continue reading


Samsung’s 16TB SSD Might Pave the Way for Future Storage Solutions

Samsung’s new hard drive is being touted as the world’s largest, cramming nearly 16 terabytes (TB) into a 2.5-inch solid state drive, or SSD. Shown off at the Flash Memory Summit in California last week, the secret is said to … Continue reading


Solar Panel Charger Makes over a Million in Kickstarter Funding

The developers over at Chicago and Seoul-based startup Yolk, are no strangers to environmentally friendly versions of problem solving. Just last year, the company started a Kickstarter campaign for its Solarade charger, a device hoped to become the world’s smallest … Continue reading


AMD’s Radeon R9 Fury X: Most Say Don’t Waste Your Time with 4K Gaming

If you don’t know, AMD announced a tremendous lost last month, with its quarterly earnings recording right around $942 million. The company, which is used to well over $1 billion per quarter, seemed to suffer so much due to drop … Continue reading


Google’s OnHub Router Elegantly Simplifies Your Home Wi-Fi

If you currently have a WiFi router in your home, odds are it’s tucked under a desk or table or hidden away in a closet somewhere where its unsightly, chaotic mess of wires and antennas can be out of sight … Continue reading


Polyera’s Digital Fabric Technology Used in New Flexible Smart Bracelet

Polyera Vision has upgraded, or recreated rather, the slap bracelets from our childhood (if you’re an 80’s or 90’s kid) into some seriously hip flexible displays. Called the Wove Band, the “rollable wearable” device has been in the making for … Continue reading


Xiaomi’s New Redmi Note 2 Phablet Is a Whole Lotta Hardware for $125

We hear more and more about Xiaomi lately, probably because many of the Chinese company’s cheap products are now turning into flagships, yet Xiaomi devices have still not become available in America. If we could see the type of numbers … Continue reading


The TouchJet WAVE Turns Your TV into a Touchscreen

We know about smart TVs, we know about touchscreens, and we know about tablets that have touchscreens. What if we could now turn our TV into a giant tablet just by turning its display into a touchscreen? With the new … Continue reading