Leap Motion Technology Will Be Incorporated into Razer’s OSVR Kit

Virtual Reality isn’t just about putting a headset on. More and more companies are integrating hand-sensing technology into the whole experience. This makes the world truly immersive by being able to touch, and sometimes even feel, objects around you. OSVR, … Continue reading


Logitech’s MX Master, a Multi-Functional Mouse for Today’s Multi-Tasker

What’s in a mouse? It just so happens to be one of the most widely used input devices ever. It connects us to the digital world. It makes our hands and fingers a little more powerful. In all seriousness, however, … Continue reading


Nvidia Rolls out the Super High-End GeForce Titan X

  Nvidia is known for making incredibly indulgent, top-of-the-line graphics cards for PC gaming. During this month’s Epic’s Game Developers Conference, the company’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huan announced the new GeForce Titan X, calling it “the most advanced GPU the world … Continue reading


Wear a Smartwatch That Powers All Your Devices with Neptune Suite

Neptune, the company behind the Neptune Pine smartwatch that ran independently from a smartphone, is trying something new and very ambitious. Neptune Pine didn’t do well in the long run, probably because of its bulky and ungainly appearance in a … Continue reading


Elite Recreates the ZX Spectrum for a Nice Game of Nostalgia

A new version, a recreation if you will, of the famous Sinclair ZX Spectrum is in order. If you aren’t aware, the ZX Spectrum is a British computer from the 1980’s that helped jump start the video game industry in … Continue reading


Let the Festivities Begin! SXSW 2015 Is Here

Before the city becomes an absolute madhouse of artists, superfans, musicians and lushes, Austin welcomes its first 33,000 or so Festival-goers into the fold of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, which kicks off today. If you’re one of the … Continue reading


BBC’s Make It Digital Initiative Will Give 1 Million Microcomputers to Students

The BCC has revealed a microcomputer called Micro Bit, part of its Make It Digital initiative, a program for students to start learning code to prepare them for possible careers in the tech world. It’s a tiny little thing, about … Continue reading


Eyefi’s New Mobi Pro 32GB SD Card Adds Extra Convenience

Memory card maker Eyefi has one primary purpose, to make our lives a little easier when it comes to transferring photos from camera to device. By connecting memory cards to Wi-Fi, Eyefi minimizes the amount of steps to see and … Continue reading


Google X’s Astro Teller and Other Notable Keynote Speakers at SXSW 2015

When I was a kid my heroes were very easily identifiable. They wore capes, they flew, they dodged bullets and had every manner of gadget and gizmo imaginable packed tightly into colorful utility belts. They were smart, strong, and somehow … Continue reading


SXSW Gets Fully Interactive with a Robot Petting Zoo

Tomorrow more than 30,000 people will descend upon the fair city of Austin, TX to attend the Interactive portion of South by Southwest’s annual technology, film and music festival. The SXSW Interactive festival runs from Friday, March 13th through Tuesday, … Continue reading


Before the Music Kicks off next Week, SXSW Interactive Brings You the Flying Car

It’s no secret that SXSW has always been all about the music; a socially acceptable six-day bender that brings hundreds of thousands of audiophiles and bands from hundreds of countries to the fair city of Austin, TX for a week … Continue reading


Wi-Charge Is Actual Wireless Charging, Uses Infrared Light

Wi-Charge is a tech company from Israel after my own heart. Set out to combat the number one annoying issue with mobile devices, the need to constantly charge, Wi-Charge uses its own proprietary wireless power transmission technology to recharge devices … Continue reading


Lenovo’s A7000 Boasts Android Lollipop, Features Dolby Atmos Technology

Chinese manufacturer Lenovo has a released new low budget smartphone. It’s called the A7000, and no, you’re not having deja vu. The low budget 4G A6000 was in fact released a couple of short months back. Looks like the company … Continue reading


Desktop Lovers Will Love Intel’s New Iris Pro GPUs

This week, during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Intel showed off a new integrated graphics line using fifth-generation Core processors for desktop PC enthusiasts and desktop gamers. First announced back in January, the “65-watt, unlocked desktop Core i7 … Continue reading


InfiniFlash from SanDisk Hold up to 512TB at $1/GB

SanDisk just announced InfiniFlash, a 512TB, all-flash storage platform intended for apps to hold high performance databases, streaming video, and other big data. The technology is being touted as an entirely new category in the market (The Inquirer). Three models … Continue reading