GateKeeper Will Keep You Logged Off Your Computer Until You Walk Back Up to It

A large part of the American workforce sits at a desk and logs onto a computer for the entire day. The rest of the day involves the leaving and returning to the desk, basically as often as any bathroom visit … Continue reading


Logitech’s Create Keyboard Case for the iPad Pro is $150 Well Spent

Unless you live under a rock, you know about Apple releasing a big brother to the iPad, the iPad Pro. Logitech has since come out with a keyboard case for the new iPad. Part keyboard, part case, the Logitech Create … Continue reading


Zolt’s Laptop Charger Plus Can Charge Your Smartphone, Tablet, and Laptop All at Once

Powering up your devices isn’t as simple as it used to be. In fact, sitting at your favorite coffee shop might turn into a frustrating battle to get that last open outlet. On top of that, I bet you need … Continue reading


Gregory Holloway’s (Pi)cture is a 3D Printed Camera You Can Have Fun Building Too

The Raspberry Pi is a well-loved mini PC that has been giving hobbyists and makers a plethora of new projects to play with since its birth back in 2012. It seems the credit card-sized, single board computers are giving folks … Continue reading


Novena, an Open Sourced Laptop, Raises over $750,000 on Crowdy Supply

For three years now, we have been more cautious than ever regarding security breaches in anything internet or computer related. Ever since Edward Snowden exposed the sneaky dealings of the NSA, it seems like one thing after another has been … Continue reading


Altwork Is the Workstation That Will Change Your Life

What I’m about to tell you could change your entire life. I don’t think I have ever seen an idea that could win over my own heart more than this. A. Lying. Down. Work. Station. Someone truly hit the jackpot … Continue reading


The Fairphone 2 Sticks with Ethics & Upgrades to Modular

We all live busy lives, and sometimes it’s easy to forget that everything we buy comes from somewhere; someone’s hands made those shoes, someone’s son or daughter gathered the materials for that desk you’re typing on. Even some pieces of … Continue reading


The ORA-X Adds Augmented Reality to a Pair of Over-The-Ear Headphones

After the near-spectacular failure that was Google Glass, it comes as somewhat of a shock that any “lesser” company would be venturing into the world of head-mounted wearables anytime soon. I say lesser because for all intents and purposes, Google … Continue reading


Finnish-Made Solu Wants to Be the next Best Cloud Storage Device

Mobile devices have become our best buddies. We’re addicted to our iPhones, tablets, and laptops. Anything that can be with us, right by our side at all times, is ideal for our on-the-go lives. But in all honesty, why on … Continue reading


Make Any Room Interactive with Finger-Controlled Device, Bird

It’s about time we hear about a new gesture-controlled device. Everything in the news lately has been smartphones, VR, and set-top boxes, it seems. One Israeli-based startup, MUV Interactive, launched a tiny new device called Bird, a little plastic shell … Continue reading


Microsoft Made an Xbox One Controller Adapter to Work with Windows 10

Life is all about convenience. Wait, scratch that. Technology is all about convenience; getting X done using Y, Z, or a combination of both. Things are changing, though, and more often we are able to get more done by using … Continue reading


Logitech’s New Mechanical Keyboard Adds Sweet Backlighting and Nixes the Number Pad

Mechanical keyboards have recently found themselves a new home in the PC gaming market. This “retro” computer accessory, which was previously relegated to the desks of old school PC users, has seen something of a rebirth as of late. Companies … Continue reading


Nest Gives its Smart Home Communication a Serious Upgrade with Weave

Since launching the first energy-efficient smart thermostat and smoke alarm a few years back, Nest Labs has been non-stop at developing new ways to make its products work better with our homes. Last year, the company launched a developer program, … Continue reading