Google’s Project Loon to Provide High-Flying, High-Speed Internet to Sri Lanka

Back in March I covered some of the most exciting trends the world of technology had to offer at Austin’s SXSW Interactive Festival. My favorite by leaps and bounds was a panel given by Google’s own Astro Teller, who has … Continue reading


LG is Investing Nearly $1 Billion in the Future of Flexible Display Panels

In the constantly evolving world of technology, investing in the future can be a terrifying prospect. For consumers and giant companies alike, betting the farm on “the next big thing” is a lot like playing the lotto; you believe in … Continue reading


Introducing the Un-Hackable, Unbreakable Turing Smartphone

Your first glimpse of the upcoming Turing smartphone makes one thing undeniably clear – this is not your average smartphone. And according to creators at the San Francisco-based Turing Robotic Industries, that’s exactly the point. CEO Syl Chao and his … Continue reading


Leaked Details Emerge for Google Glass 2: the Enterprise Edition

It’s no secret that Google Glass did not exactly become the worldwide phenomenon that we all thought it would. Aside from their most obvious downside, which was that they immediately made their wearer look absolutely ridiculous, they tended to cause … Continue reading


It’s Official! a Fully-Functioning Bluetooth-Enabled Star Trek Communicator Handset Revealed

It’s been a glorious few years for the nerd kingdom. We’ve seen lightsabers finally come into fruition in some strange and unique ways, our smartphones can be charged by Back to the Future-inspired flux capacitors, and cars are literally driving … Continue reading


Get Multiple Screens On-The-Go with Slidenjoy

As anyone who has ever made the jump to dual monitors can tell you, once you’ve experienced the joy of multiple displays it is very, very hard to make the move back to a lonely, lowly single screen. For those … Continue reading


Laptops Are About to Get Even Slimmer Thanks to LG’s New Ultra-Thin Touchscreen Panels

With the exception of LG’s G4 smartphone, traditional touchscreen technology for smart devices up to now has been created using three separate layers. There is a an LCD panel at the base, a protective layer of glass on top, and … Continue reading


Acer Adds Tear-Free Gaming to a Monstrously Large Curved Display

Gamers rejoice! Acer has just launched what appears to be the first curved display with AMD’s FreeSync technology, and it is huge. 34-inches huge, to be exact. And while it doesn’t quite meet 4K standards, it does keep tearing and … Continue reading


Intelligent Energy Wants to Take You and Your Laptop off the (Power) Grid

When it comes to personal crises in my day-to-day life, few situations seem as dire as the impending “Power down” of my right arm (my smartphone) or when I’m traveling, my laptop. While computer companies and tech firms tackle problems … Continue reading


Move over, Hell’s Angels – Here Come the Hoverbikes

The U. S. Defense Department has officially cemented a deal with U. K. based engineering firm Malloy Aeronautics to develop a functioning prototype of – drumroll please – a hoverbike! As you’ve probably already heard, the Star Wars-esque aircraft has … Continue reading


External Graphics Are Coming to a Laptop near You Thanks to the OCuLink Cable

For graphics hounds in the market for a laptop or PC, the struggle for what to forgo is very real. While notebook PCs offer the utmost in convenience and portability, the need for low power consumption and a light, travel-friendly … Continue reading


Lenovo Joins the Ranks of Pocket PCs with Their New $129 Ideacentre Stick 300

Lenovo announced their tiny PC on a stick this week, joining the ranks of companies like Intel and CTL which debuted their own similarly tiny devices earlier in the year. While Lenovo is not the first kid on the block … Continue reading


Custom Designing Your Own Pair of One-Of-A-Kind Headphones Could Cost You up to $40,000

I have a love-hate relationship with 3D printing. Don’t get me wrong, as a concept it’s fascinating and some of the things that have been done with it provide that “cool factor” for me in spades. Rocket engines, pens that … Continue reading


The New Hi-Res Kindle Paperwhite Comes with Its Very Own Font

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite was already arguably the best bang for your buck when it came to e-readers, due to its low cost, ease of readability and Amazon’s killer library collection. Sure, the Kindle Voyage is amazing; it packs a … Continue reading


The Funky New UE Roll Is a Bluetooth Speaker You Can Take in the Pool with You

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers, Ultimate Ears (UE for short) has been crushing the competition lately. More than a year after its release their UE Boom, a super durable, water-resistant bass-pumping sonic machine, still remains one of the best … Continue reading