NexDock Makes Living a Life at Full Display and Functionality a Breeze

NexDock, a three-membered team who just hit the jackpot on Indiegogo, is all about its revolutionary laptop, said to “harness the productivity of smartphones, tablets, and mini PCs by adding a bluetooth keyboard, a capable battery, and a 14-inch screen”. … Continue reading


The New Kindle Oasis Is a Pricey E-Reader, Targeted to Execs & Night Readers

We recognize Amazon Kindles as these wonderful alternatives to reading on colored screens. The black and white e-readers are great for sitting at the pool, when the glaring sun would usually block any sort of legibility. Kindles have been offered … Continue reading


Huawei’s VR Headset Will Be Here Soon, Will Work With New Flagship Devices

VR headsets just keep on coming and coming, but it seems that lately, smartphone makers are quickly growing into the fad of all things virtual reality. We’ve seen Samsung make the Gear VR, Google make the Google Cardboard headset for … Continue reading


RippleBuds Make Ambient Sounds and External Noise a Non-Issue for Phone Calls and Music

We all know that Bluetooth is a thing, we know it still exists, and that it is particularly helpful for communicating hands-free with headphones and earbud sets. But when is the last time we have heard of any big advancements … Continue reading


New Proposed Bill Could Mean: No ID, No Burner Phone For You

Burner phones, or those prepaid phones you can buy at a supermarket and put minutes on at your convenience, may soon be a thing of the past. Despite the leisure of having the pay-as-you-go attitude, burners are often in the … Continue reading


Ring – a Wi-Fi, HD Video, and Motion Detection Enabled Doorbell for Your Home

Santa Monica startup Ring (previously named dubbed BOT Home Automation), maker of Wi-Fi-equipped smart doorbells, started with just a $199, 720p, 180-degree field of view camera for protecting the home. After having some issues with lag and consistently good video … Continue reading


Sulon Q VR Headset Powered by AMD, Completely Tetherless

The new Sulon Q headset will provide PC generated virtual reality experiences “tether-free”. Virtual Reality headsets are like mascara. Funny how I could’ve chosen a thousand different analogies there but wanted to reach my female audience for a change. See, … Continue reading


Using Intelligent Energy’s Fuel-Cell System, Get Ready for a 7-Day Powered Phone

I don’t know how many times I have expelled my frustrations about this topic via the internet, but here I go again. Why, despite the amazing technological innovations and advancements that we have been consistently seeing, are we still not … Continue reading


Best of the Fest 2016: 8 Things Your Shouldn’t Miss at SXSW Interactive

The SXSW Musical Festival is just a few days away and for those of you out there crazy enough to embark upon that five-day odyssey (guilty), it is rest and recharge time. Time to stock up on must-see new bands, … Continue reading


Best of the Fest 2016: SXSW Introduces the Future of Technology

From Robot Petting Zoos to balloon-powered internet, SXSW has long acted as the vehicle to introduce the latest and greatest in emerging technology. This year is no exception, and there is certainly no lack of new ideas or futuristic gadgets … Continue reading


Best of the Fest 2016: The Top Trending Keynotes and Panels at SXSW Interactive

It’s heeeeee-ere! SXSW Interactive kicks off this Friday and in typical Fest fashion, it is already taking the internet by storm. With so much to see and do over its five-day span, weeding out the must-sees from the flash-in-the-pans can, … Continue reading


New IPhone/Android Common Charger, LMcable, on Kickstarter

Just the other day, a friend of mine was without her phone charger at my house. After mentioning her iPhone 5 was about to die, I said “hmm, I wonder if we can just use my husband’s Samsung charger without … Continue reading


HP Goes Mobile With the Elite x3 Handset, Featuring Windows 10 Continuum

There’s a new smartphone in town, and it wants to replace your computer. Not a big surprise, so many mobile devices these days have gone rogue, being built up with super fast processors, but HP has something extra in mind … Continue reading


Robots Are Using Modern Fiction to Learn More About the Humans They Serve

There’s an old saying that goes “when you make plans, the Universe laughs”. When it comes to life, the notion that we can predict anything with any real air of certainty is an exercise in futility. And when it comes … Continue reading


The New Raspberry Pi 3 Is Faster, Wi-Fi Enabled and Still Costs Only $35

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, a longtime cult favorite among the DIY pocket computer crowd, has just stepped up their game. The company, which just celebrated its fourth anniversary, has always taken what might be considered a rogue approach to tiny … Continue reading