Meet the New King of Graphics, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080

Nvidia launched its newest gaming GPU earlier this month and it is a PC gamer’s dream. Initial reviews of the latest and greatest in their long-respected line of graphics cards have been unanimously positive, and it even seems to be … Continue reading


The Amazingly Cheap Pi Zero Gains a Camera Connector and is Available Now!

What? The Raspberry Pi Foundation has done something else, cheaper than ever before? We’re of course used to the already affordable $20-$35 Pis, which have been slightly upgraded over the past few years. Yet, some of you may still not … Continue reading


+ Starbreeze: Soon to Equal a 210-degree Field of Vision VR Headset

While it has come to my attention that Acer hasn’t been doing as well as it should be, the PC maker isn’t going to let the market slow it down. Acer is a veteran in the world of computers, but … Continue reading


Samsung’s Latest Portable SSD T3 is a Sleek Next-Gen Answer to Managing Your Data

The tiny device before your eyes is Samsung’s latest solution to external solid state storage. Todd Lynton, Director of Business Solutions at Samsung Australia says, “Samsung is committed to innovation in portable storage, and have delivered an incredibly well designed … Continue reading


The Fathom Compute Stick: Aimed to Bring More Visual Intelligence to Devices

You may be new to the name Movidius, but it’s a chip-making brand that continues to show up in more and more products. Crowned as an industry leader for vision technology and now based in San Mateo, California, Movidius is … Continue reading


MeLE Made a PC-On-A-Stick Running Ubuntu Linux for $70

Ubuntu has always been one of those wonderful underdog operating systems living in its own world (world, meaning the folks who know it and prefer it). But, the Linux OS is now finally making its way into more devices than … Continue reading


LED Implanted Skin Devices For a Whole New Way of Communicating

Although we live in the day and age of smartwatches, smart rings, and smart glasses, we’re definitely not used to the idea of wearing a computer on your skin yet (and yes, I’m talking directly on the skin). However, any … Continue reading


NexDock Makes Living a Life at Full Display and Functionality a Breeze

NexDock, a three-membered team who just hit the jackpot on Indiegogo, is all about its revolutionary laptop, said to “harness the productivity of smartphones, tablets, and mini PCs by adding a bluetooth keyboard, a capable battery, and a 14-inch screen”. … Continue reading


Huawei’s VR Headset Will Be Here Soon, Will Work With New Flagship Devices

VR headsets just keep on coming and coming, but it seems that lately, smartphone makers are quickly growing into the fad of all things virtual reality. We’ve seen Samsung make the Gear VR, Google make the Google Cardboard headset for … Continue reading


Samsung Becomes First to Usher in 10-Nanometer DRAM

Samsung has really made a name for itself in the world of dynamic RAM over the last decade. They were one of the first major tech firms to make the move to a 20-nanometer process back in 2014, and they … Continue reading


Want a Portable Way to Charge Your Smartphone? How About for $2 a Day?

Computer accessory maker Anker has been around for a while. If you were to find yourself needing an extra cable, portable charger or battery pack, the company is quite the prestigious choice on Amazon. In a world of heavy smartphone … Continue reading


Dell Readies Their Enterprise PC’s for a Future in Virtual Reality

While VR may have started out as a novelty and gaming act, all trends currently point to it soon becoming a booming aspect of the enterprise workstation business. In fact, tech adviser Digi-Capital predicts that Virtual Reality will be a … Continue reading


Ring – a Wi-Fi, HD Video, and Motion Detection Enabled Doorbell for Your Home

Santa Monica startup Ring (previously named dubbed BOT Home Automation), maker of Wi-Fi-equipped smart doorbells, started with just a $199, 720p, 180-degree field of view camera for protecting the home. After having some issues with lag and consistently good video … Continue reading


CTL’s New J5 Chromebook is a Rugged Convertible Feat 360-Degree Hinge

With the growing demand for 2-in-1 hybrids, seeing a Chromebook that can transform from laptop to tablet, and be folded into multiple modes is refreshing, and adds to its overall productivity factor. When I think of Chromebooks, I don’t exactly … Continue reading


MSI Takes on MacBook Pro’s Cylindrical Design With New Vortex Gaming PC

There’s a triangular core containing a CPU and two GPUs, and just one fan to keep the entire PC running cool Remember when the Apple Mac Pro Desktop came out, everyone thought it looked like a trash can. Being cylindrical … Continue reading