AMD Has New Ryzen CPUs Promising to Directly Compete With Intel, in Both Specs and Price Tags

When we think of the best processors, our minds go straight to Intel. It’s just the way it is, kind of like how Dell makes some of the best laptops in the world. But for consumers to start believing in … Continue reading


Remote Wireless Charging for Your Phone, as in Truly Wireless, Is Yours With the MotherBox

There’s so much talk about charging these days, probably because it’s one of the most important accessories for maintaining vitals on our devices. Chargers are becoming smaller, and surely more portable in that sense, some not even requiring a cable … Continue reading


Would You Believe Your Own Eyes If You Saw a Teensy 7-Inch Laptop, Sporting Intel Atom and 8GB of RAM?

While considering physicality, functionality, price margins, etc., size has been one of the most dramatic changes we’ve seen in our devices. There’s also been a sort of wave pattern regarding this. Take smartphones for example, which since their debut, have … Continue reading


KDE Slimbook Means Your Favorite Ubuntu Linux-Powered Laptop Is Here, and Is Premium

Upon this Valentines week, we all know love hurts. Despite the amount of love for the operating system Ubuntu, loving Linux isn’t always easy; and it doesn’t always equate as a solution to energizing an aging device. Linux is perfectly … Continue reading


Olimex TERES-1 is a D-I-Y Laptop Kit With Open-Source Software & Hardware

Once the Raspberry Pi entered the world, everything changed. It was kind of like the day the iPhone came out. We all had cell phones before, but that was when everything was taken up a notch in terms of possibilities. … Continue reading


A Brand New Option for Mini PC Tinkering is here, and Asus Created it!

If you’re a tinkerer and fan of all things DIY, boy is there something new for you to play with. Of all the companies you could consider becoming hobbyist and micro-computer board friendly, the medal goes to Asus, who has … Continue reading


The Latest From Microsoft Focuses on Simple-As-A-Slide Power Management and eBook Store Updates

Just this past week, Microsoft began the run of its new Windows 10 preview build. This one, dubbed build 15014, following build 15007, will be tested on participants in the Windows Insider Program. The new OS features should allow users … Continue reading


Stanford Scientists Developing a Flame-Retardant Battery to Avoid Any Further Combustions

Oh Stanford University electrochemical masterminds, thank you for all of your continual hard work in the field of technology. Now that you have been tackling innovations in battery power, and released your new peer-reviewed paper, published by the journal Science … Continue reading


There’s a New Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3, Slimmed Down and Quad-Cored

Yay to the Compute Module upgrade!!! Wait, Raspberry Pi lovers step aside, there are human beings out there that don’t even know what the original CM1 board, originally released back in 2014, is! Anyone needing a refresher, the original Compute … Continue reading


AMD’s FreeSync 2 Completely Ups the Ante With Lower Latency, and the Addition of HDR

If you recall, AMD has its FreeSync technology, something also referred to as Adaptive-Sync by computer display organization VESA. It’s the type of technology that came just in time to put an end to choppy and stuttering gameplay, tears, and … Continue reading


Razer’s Project Ariana Takes Gaming to Immersive New Levels

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is our annual opportunity to get a peek at the future of gaming, computing, and all things electronic. This year ushered in some stunning ideas and innovations in an array of technological … Continue reading


The Linksys Velop Wants to Beat Competition With a More Powerful Wi-Fi System

The year in tech began at CES 2017, where dozens of technological advances are being shown off one by one. From a simple upgrade to a 2-in-1 notebook, or an astonishingly new approach to watching television using facial recognition, CES … Continue reading


Latest Advancement in Battery Power Are Based on Good Ol’ Bacteria

There is huge importance in the continuous development of battery power and its sources. The high price of batteries (of all sorts) is mostly due to the fabrication time and technique involved in making them. Not only are we striving … Continue reading


LG’s New Levitating Speaker Will Lift Your Spirits and Elevate Your Sound Game

There are but a few hours left in 2016, and before I ring in the New Year, all I wanna know is – where the deuce is my hoverboard? Sure, Lexus demo’ed that board that hovered over a special magnetic … Continue reading