The Landline Might be Dead, But Voice Bridge Might Be Resurrecting It For Your Convenience

A statement from The Verge author, Ashley Carman, completely cracked me up when I first read it. She says, “Before I start telling you about this new gadget, let’s have a moment of silence for the landline phone number”. I … Continue reading


Well-Received Asus Chromebook Flip Is the First to Gain Google Play Store Apps

Another great thing came out of Google I/O last month, the almighty announcement that Chromebooks were going to receive Android apps! With the news meaning happiness for many, not all Chromebook users will be able to experience the adaptation, as … Continue reading


The Rustic, Round Runcible by Monohm Is the New Anti-Smartphone

Technology has come a long way in the last decade. Our phones, which once served as simple devices to keep us connected to those we loved, now serve as mini-computers which keep us tethered to work emails, social media and … Continue reading


Synaptics Wants to Bring Fingerprint Authentication To Any PC

Synaptics: we know it for its tremendous efforts in human interface solutions. The touchpad manufacturer has developed technologies for “a large range of mobile computing, PC, entertainment and other consumer electronic devices”; with customers including Acer, Asus, Dell, Google, HTC, … Continue reading


Everything You Need to Know About this Week’s Bluetooth 5 Announcement

While Bluetooth as a whole isn’t one of the most exciting topics in technology, over time it has become one of the unsung heroes that help us get through our daily lives. From our automobiles to our home speaker systems, … Continue reading


Lenovo Showcases New Bendable Displays with a Concept Smartphone and Tablet

Bendable display technology is one of the hottest trends in the world right now. As far back as 2013, Samsung has been teasing concepts that feature bendable and even foldable displays. If the rumor mill is to be trusted, they … Continue reading


Asus’ Proof-Of-Concept, Project Avalon, Features Modular Motherboard and Chassis

There’s nothing new about building your own PC. It’s easy, fun, you can decide just how high-end to make your device, and upgrade anytime you want. We live in the era of DIY (do-it-yourself), and there’s nothing PC gamers love … Continue reading


Dell Made a 43-Inch HD Monitor with Four Separate, Bezel-Less Screens

It’s not that we all just sit in front of a computer monitor all day because we have to. Some folks may be multimedia professionals, editors, or programmers, and need multiple displays in their face to deliver the type of … Continue reading


Samsung Unveils a Rollable Screen Prototype at Display Week 2016

The SID Display Week 2016 trade show took place in San Francisco last week and showcased the newest, most cutting-edge display technology currently making its way through the pipeline. While several new concept smartphones and gadgets were on hand at … Continue reading


Samsung Markets Its New Iris Tablet to India, Complete with Dual-Eye Iris Scanner for Protection

Samsung doesn’t shy away from its investments local to the American consumer. Take India, where Samsung’s R&D divisions have been at it hard in biometrics technology research, trying to impress the growing workplace-tablet market. There is a new device I … Continue reading


The Rival 700 Mouse Brings Tactile Feedback to PC Gaming

PC gaming has made some giant strides forward in recent years. Improvements in display technology, graphics cards, storage capabilities, and overall PC performance have driven the recent resurgence in a market that just a few years ago seemed on the … Continue reading


Meet the New King of Graphics, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080

Nvidia launched its newest gaming GPU earlier this month and it is a PC gamer’s dream. Initial reviews of the latest and greatest in their long-respected line of graphics cards have been unanimously positive, and it even seems to be … Continue reading


The Amazingly Cheap Pi Zero Gains a Camera Connector and is Available Now!

What? The Raspberry Pi Foundation has done something else, cheaper than ever before? We’re of course used to the already affordable $20-$35 Pis, which have been slightly upgraded over the past few years. Yet, some of you may still not … Continue reading


+ Starbreeze: Soon to Equal a 210-degree Field of Vision VR Headset

While it has come to my attention that Acer hasn’t been doing as well as it should be, the PC maker isn’t going to let the market slow it down. Acer is a veteran in the world of computers, but … Continue reading


Samsung’s Latest Portable SSD T3 is a Sleek Next-Gen Answer to Managing Your Data

The tiny device before your eyes is Samsung’s latest solution to external solid state storage. Todd Lynton, Director of Business Solutions at Samsung Australia says, “Samsung is committed to innovation in portable storage, and have delivered an incredibly well designed … Continue reading