Does Samsung Have a Phone Docking Laptop up Its Sleeve?

In the wake of ongoing patent infringement lawsuits between Samsung and Apple, it looks like the Korean tech giant is trying to get the jump on the competition for future product ideas. Samsung has just patented what looks to be … Continue reading


Apple Patents a Multi-Touch Fusion Keyboard

Apple is in the news this week after launching its idea for a new Fusion keyboard, possibly eliminating the need for a track pad in the future. We couldn’t quite imagine a world without the “click”, it’s something were so … Continue reading


Google Announces Its Upcoming OS for the IoT, “Brillo”

The Internet of Things (IoT) is heading, well, everywhere. So, what better company to begin representing the times than Google? Google has its place in virtually everything web-related, so this should come as a shock to no one. Plus, the … Continue reading


Turn Your Boring Old Mousepad into a Party with Razer’s Firefly

Do you love Las Vegas? Are you easily distracted by shiny things? Did you actually consider buying a package of those pills that make you poop glitter? Well then, we should be friends… and, you should check out the latest … Continue reading


Bitcoin BTC Ring, Better Status Symbol than Bling?

For as long as we can remember, the first order when getting married means picking out an engagement ring for the lady. For it to be considered a token of affection, it not only needs to be special, but worth … Continue reading


Fove- Virtual Reality with Eye-Tracking for a More Immersive Experience

Virtual reality headsets are popping up everywhere. Nearly every major tech company- Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, Google, are coming out with their own versions. So far, all have one thing in common, and it has to do with the way you … Continue reading


GE Lights the 3D Printing World on Fire with a New Jet Engine

For the last few years GE Aviation has been working on a side project to see if they could successfully manufacture a simple jet engine made entirely out of 3D printed parts. Initially, engineers at the Additive Development Center in … Continue reading


ADT and LG Team up on a Smart Security Home Device

We know ADT Corporation as a leading provider of security and automation solutions for homes and businesses. We know South Korean-based LG as a $56 billion dollar multinational electronics company, specializing in anything from LCD TVs, to smartphones and smart … Continue reading


Samsung Announces Artik, a Chip Platform to Connect Everything

Samsung has its hands deep into the Internet of Things pockets, and their latest chipsets may very well solidify their position as the leaders of the IoT pack. Announced at this week’s Internet of Things World Conference in San Francisco, … Continue reading


Lily Drone Knows to Start Shooting When You Toss It

A new day, a new drone right? Not exactly. Aerial photography and videography has hit an all new level of awesome with the Lily Robotics drone, a device that once airborne, will follow you to capture the best possible footage. … Continue reading


Endless- a Game Changing Desktop Computer for Sale on Kickstarter

While entrepreneur Matt Dalio was enjoying his travels through India, he realized the country’s severe imbalance of devices used in middle class homes. Although most families had television sets, not many had computers. In fact, most of the people who … Continue reading


A New Telescope Array in California Is Capturing the Entire Sky at Once

Science and technology go hand in hand. Research and exploration foster brilliant new inventions, while technological advancements revolutionize the way we learn about and understand the world around us. This has never been truer than in the field of space … Continue reading


MediaTek’s 10 Core SoC, the Helio X20

Taiwan-based MediaTek is a pioneering semiconductor company and market leader in system-on-a-chip (SoCs) for wireless communications, HDTV, DVD, and Blu-ray. However, it is mostly known as a provider of mid-to-low range chips for smartphones and tablets. As of this week, … Continue reading


Meet CHIP – the World’s First $9 Computer

Move over, Raspberry Pi – there’s a new kid in town. Meet CHIP, the latest Kickstarter project from Next Thing and the world’s first nine dollar computer. While in life (and certainly on Kickstarter) there is no such thing as … Continue reading


PayPal Wants to Create an Edible Pill Password

PayPal has initiated a “body integration” campaign? Has my worst nightmare come to life? If this has to do with humans putting little chips or robots in our bodies, then let me lock myself inside my house right now. Upon … Continue reading