From Skylake to Xeon, New Mobile Processors From Intel Are out

When a new set of faster mobile processors come out, particularly by well-known and adored Intel, there is reason to be excited. The new series of i7 Skylake quad-core chips will be pre-installed to notebooks as well as other mobile … Continue reading


Wearables Will Soon Use Our Sweat to Take a Closer Look at Our Health

For a long time, it felt like there were countless smart devices claiming to measure health statistics, or even predict calories or nutrition in a particular food. It sure is an interesting concept. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a … Continue reading


Vuzix Promises Hands-Free Mobile Computing With the M300 VR Headset

Virtual Reality (VR) has been a big spotlight in the news for a while. You’ve noticed, right? Anyone paying attention knows that Oculus and Apple aren’t the only names in the game anymore. Microsoft came out with its HoloLens, HTC … Continue reading


Unlock Better Performance With the Asus External Graphics XG Station 2

Soon, external graphics may be the new hip way to go (the idea is currently being played around with, again). Need to level up that notebook you love so dearly so it can be gaming-ready? Now is the time to … Continue reading


Samsung Announces New HBM2 Technology, Could Power Through Data at 256GBps

DRAM, or dynamic random-access memory, is the type of random access memory that “stores each bit of data in a separate capacitor with an integrated circuit”. DRAM is the main type of memory found in desktops, laptops, workstation computers, and … Continue reading


Scientists Develop Light-Based Processor, Could Mean Big Changes in Electronics

What an amazing way to end a year then begin another. After an innovative year in science and technology, there has been a scientific breakthrough in processing power. Scientists from the University of Colorado have been excited to showcase a … Continue reading


Tiny Temperature Sensor Could Pave the Way for Wireless Data Transmission

We’ve really started something when it comes to smart things. It’s limitless. Not only can we use our already-connected devices to control other devices, we can make regular appliances and items in our home become connected, ultimately transforming the way … Continue reading


Apple’s Take on the Smartphone Battery Case is an Interesting One

Battery pack phone cases aren’t the most popular kids in town, probably because there hasn’t been a successful way to make them a burdenless accessory. They can be difficult to take on and off, are hard and stiff (as they … Continue reading


Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Tech Gifts of 2015

Holiday gift shopping is notoriously stressful. I mean, really – nothing ruins the spirit of giving like having to fight throngs of angry last-minute shoppers through Best Buy or, god forbid, the mall. In an effort to make your season … Continue reading


Xandem Is a Camera-Free, Radio-Waved Alternative to Home Security

Today, there are more options than ever for home security systems, many of which involve the use of two-way audio and video to see the home. But the truth is, just because home security systems are reaping the benefits of … Continue reading


Wi-Fi Routers Could Take on Powering Gadgets Using PoWiFi

Everybody loves it, everybody uses it, and most everybody has it. It’s Wi-Fi. Not only is this “local area wireless computer networking technology” everywhere you go, but people are thinking of new ways to harness it and put it towards … Continue reading


GateKeeper Will Keep You Logged Off Your Computer Until You Walk Back Up to It

A large part of the American workforce sits at a desk and logs onto a computer for the entire day. The rest of the day involves the leaving and returning to the desk, basically as often as any bathroom visit … Continue reading


Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 820 Will Be Welcomed in 2016 Devices

It’s about to be 2016, which will mean an entirely new set of processors found in our smartphones. We know for sure that, as usual, many Android smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches will play house with the likes of Qualcomm. Speaking … Continue reading