Intelligent Energy Wants to Take You and Your Laptop off the (Power) Grid

When it comes to personal crises in my day-to-day life, few situations seem as dire as the impending “Power down” of my right arm (my smartphone) or when I’m traveling, my laptop. While computer companies and tech firms tackle problems … Continue reading


Move over, Hell’s Angels – Here Come the Hoverbikes

The U. S. Defense Department has officially cemented a deal with U. K. based engineering firm Malloy Aeronautics to develop a functioning prototype of – drumroll please – a hoverbike! As you’ve probably already heard, the Star Wars-esque aircraft has … Continue reading


Dell Forges New Roads into High-Performance Computing with the PowerEdge C6320

Tech giant Dell unveiled the latest addition to their 13th generation PowerEdge server portfolio this week in the form of the new PowerEdge C6320. The newest member of the PowerEdge family is designed to “push the boundaries of high-performance computing … Continue reading


External Graphics Are Coming to a Laptop near You Thanks to the OCuLink Cable

For graphics hounds in the market for a laptop or PC, the struggle for what to forgo is very real. While notebook PCs offer the utmost in convenience and portability, the need for low power consumption and a light, travel-friendly … Continue reading


Lenovo Joins the Ranks of Pocket PCs with Their New $129 Ideacentre Stick 300

Lenovo announced their tiny PC on a stick this week, joining the ranks of companies like Intel and CTL which debuted their own similarly tiny devices earlier in the year. While Lenovo is not the first kid on the block … Continue reading


Custom Designing Your Own Pair of One-Of-A-Kind Headphones Could Cost You up to $40,000

I have a love-hate relationship with 3D printing. Don’t get me wrong, as a concept it’s fascinating and some of the things that have been done with it provide that “cool factor” for me in spades. Rocket engines, pens that … Continue reading


Researchers Develop Bacteria-Powered ‘Origami’ Battery

Yes, you read that right. Thanks to new research by engineer Seokheun Choi at Binghampton University, one man’s trash will now be another man’s renewable resource. The new technology is comprised of an inexpensive, foldable paper battery powered by a … Continue reading


The Oculus Touch Puts Virtual Reality in the Palm of Your Hand

Oculus VR hosted their “Step into the Rift” event in San Francisco today and it was chock-full of tasty treats. We finally have a release date for the long-awaited consumer version of the Oculus Rift (coming in Q1 2016) and … Continue reading


BETTER RE Uses Old Smartphone Batteries to Charge Your New Devices

Not only do technological advancements mean the digging of more resources for a device’s parts, but it also means that we end up wasting a lot of those resources once we upgrade to our latest models (and let’s face it, … Continue reading


LG Announces Their FreeSync-Enabled 27-Inch 4K Monitor

For those of you paying attention to the pricing and standards war over variable refresh rate technology, LG just dropped another troop into that battle with their new 27-inch 4K IPS panel. Companies such as AMD and NVIDIA having been … Continue reading


HP Changes Its Plan for Futuristic “Machine’ to Get It to Market

HP’s futuristic ‘Machine‘ computer, which was first announced by the company in 2014, has changed course a bit. HP first wanted to make this memory-driven computer using a new kind of memory chip dubbed the “memristor”, said to be as … Continue reading


Spoiler Alert: This Hammer of Thor PC Case Is Cooler than Any Gadget You Own

This week’s Computex Expo in Taipei, one of the largest computer and technology trade shows in the world, showcased some of the most amazing designs and inventions the tech world currently has to offer. One particular display has garnered more … Continue reading


This Tiny Windows 10 PC Is Inside a Tiny Power Adapter

Among the many Windows 10 pieces (laptops, notebooks, desktops) coming our way, Microsoft wanted to show off something interesting during this week’s Computex conference. Dubbed the Quanta Compute Plug, this device isn’t your ordinary PC. It’s an alternative, but fully … Continue reading


Thync’s Mood-Altering Headset, Uses Electrical Pulses

According to Thync’s website, the company was “born out of fascination with how neuroscience can impact daily life”. The team at Thync is made up of neuroscience, neurobiology, and consumer electronics specialists from MIT, Harvard, and Stanford University. Man, just … Continue reading


MSI Teams up with Tobii for Eye-Tracking GT72 Gaming Laptop

The Computex tradeshow in Taiwan continues to grace us with more and more exciting tech news and products from various companies. MSI (Micro-Star International), a Taiwanese multinational information technology corporation, is known for developing computer hardware and related products (laptops, … Continue reading