Some of the Most Budget-Friendly Laptops of 2016 Could Compete for Your Attention

I don’t know what’s harder than trying to toggle the best laptops of the year, or what would be my personal faves, heck, the year isn’t even over. But you know what happens to be easier to discuss, the most … Continue reading


Asus’s Latest ZenBook Is the UX410 and It Screams Amazing

Asus has been highly active lately. It’s been one laptop reveal after another for the tech company. In fact, last week was the declaration of three lovely new devices. This week, we’re just hearing about the a ZenBook, the UX410 … Continue reading


Asus ROG Announces Its Strix GL702VM, Speedy and in a 17.3-Inch, Portable Gaming Package

Asus is so stoked about the release of its ROG Strix GL702VM, 17.3-inch “slim” gaming laptop, that it’s begun taking orders for the device immediately. Asus aims at showing the world that a gaming, and even VR-ready, device doesn’t have … Continue reading


Dell’s new Alienware Gaming Series Packs Crazy Graphics and Eye-Tracking

The thing about these new Alienware gaming laptops from Dell goes beyond their much-needed versatility, and sprightly aptitude. The entire gaming laptop series has some seriously cool internals going on, equipped with the latest from Nvidia’s GTX series (just weeks … Continue reading


The Lenovo Yoga 910 Convertible Has Nearly Perfect Updates, Including Fancier Display

Lenovo is in the news this week with its new Yoga 910 laptops, aiming to take on Dell’s highly prestigious XPS 13 by rocking an edge-to-edge display, and posing as a serious powerhouse laptop in a 2-in-1 form factor. We … Continue reading


What? A “Hackintosh” MacBook Copycat for $329? Could this Really Be?

From what you just read from the title, yes there is really a so-called Hackintosh laptop out there and no, we have no idea if or when Apple is going to swoop right in and shut that thing down (well, … Continue reading


Acer Announces New Swift Series of Ultra-Thins at IFA 2016

There is nothing startling about laptop makers using the phrase “the thinnest in the world”. Heck, is there anything very special about the phrase since nearly every tech giant out there is doing it? Acer, Asus, Chromebooks, HP, Lenovo, and … Continue reading


EVGA SC17 Gaming Notebook Features 17-inch Display and Welcomes Overclocking

We know about Nvidia’s Pascal graphic technology. Just released in April with the GP100 chip, and now known as the GeForce GTX 1080 and 1070 brands, so far we’ve only seen this particular architecture on desktop computers. Yet, it looks … Continue reading


Nvidia Brings Full Desktop GTX Series Graphics to Laptops, Considering Never Going Back

I remember perfectly, just under a year ago, when tech giant Nvidia was considering planting their nearly perfect GTX 980 GPU into laptop form. Now, a year later, it seems that using some of its standard desktop hardware in mobile … Continue reading


The Inspiron 11 3162 From Dell, a Budget Notebook That’s Colorful and Plentiful

There is a super cheap Dell laptop in town, well, it has been in town but there has officially been enough time for the users, testers, and reviewers to give us their two cents on the device. The Dell Inspiron … Continue reading


The Lenovo Air 13 Pro is Here, and in Direct Competition With the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

Lenovo is at it again, and as the current holder of the world’s number one PC manufacturer title (Chinese manufacturer at that), it knew exactly what to do to compete with all these “Air” computers everywhere. Obviously, we’ve all gotten … Continue reading


VAIO’s C15 Color-Comboed Laptops- Are They Fashionable and Not Much Else?

VAIO, if it doesn’t immediately ring a bell it’s because it’s hard to remember, “Oh yeah, it’s that company Sony used to own, but sold off”. No judgement here, I myself been wondering what the company has been up to, … Continue reading


The Updated Dell Alienware 13 Features OLED Display, and It’s a Big Deal

We first heard of Alienware’s 13-inch gaming machine during CES back in January of this year. Even then, it seemingly won the crown for being a game changer for portable gaming. Since then, Alienware gave enough consideration to the 13 … Continue reading


Well-Received Asus Chromebook Flip Is the First to Gain Google Play Store Apps

Another great thing came out of Google I/O last month, the almighty announcement that Chromebooks were going to receive Android apps! With the news meaning happiness for many, not all Chromebook users will be able to experience the adaptation, as … Continue reading


Purism’s Librem 2-in-1 Devices, Focusing on the Best Privacy, Plus High Quality Hardware

Purism, the company whose self-proclaimed free/libre philosophy intends to provide high quality hardware, all while accommodating all the rights of security and privacy each device owner deserves. They care about respecting the freedom of the individual. Purism’s latest endeavour includes … Continue reading