Kangaroo Mobile Desktop Pro, Small, Affordable, and Port-Wealthy

Kangaroo Mobile, first released in desktop form by InFocus, global pioneer in visual communications, made waves in the ultra-low end PC market by giving consumers something ultra powerful to work with. This week, we heard news of the new Kangaroo … Continue reading


MSI Takes on MacBook Pro’s Cylindrical Design With New Vortex Gaming PC

There’s a triangular core containing a CPU and two GPUs, and just one fan to keep the entire PC running cool Remember when the Apple Mac Pro Desktop came out, everyone thought it looked like a trash can. Being cylindrical … Continue reading


The New Raspberry Pi 3 Is Faster, Wi-Fi Enabled and Still Costs Only $35

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, a longtime cult favorite among the DIY pocket computer crowd, has just stepped up their game. The company, which just celebrated its fourth anniversary, has always taken what might be considered a rogue approach to tiny … Continue reading


Dell’s New Embedded PCs Aimed at OEM and Internet of Things Solutions

We know Dell makes white-box PCs, but that doesn’t mean we necessarily associate Dell with being a white-box PC maker, per say. Launching new Embedded Box PC 3000 and 5000 models means a lot for Dell, who says the rugged, … Continue reading


Asus’s New VivoMini VC65 PCs Feature Four 2.5-Inch Storage Drives

What has Asus been up to lately? Besides launching some great new laptops, their own Chromebit, ZenWatch 2, and ZenFone Zoom? If you’re thinking there couldn’t possibly be more for one company to put out at a time you’re wrong. … Continue reading


Kangaroo Plus Gets Just Enough of an Upgrade With Better Hardware

A company called InFocus might ring a bell for those of you who heard about that $99 mini Windows PC, called Kangaroo, back in October of 2015 (the 30-year old company is also known for developing and manufacturing projectors and … Continue reading


Intel Refreshes Its Line of Compute Sticks with Intel Core M and Intel Atom

The Compute Stick from Intel is something we were talking about around this time last year. Who knew it would turn out to be one of the most popular PCs from the Consumer Electronics Show. It’s gotta be one of … Continue reading


Watch out Raz Pi Lovers, the New Pine A64 Packs a 64-Bit Processor

Single-board computers, since the beginning of their existence, have been supremely helpful and fun for tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts from all over the world. For example, spending $35 on a Raspberry Pi, which can ultimately do anything a desktop can, … Continue reading


Pi-TopCEED, a $99 Raspberry Pi Desktop Kit, Showing Signs of Immediate Success

The Raspberry Pi is loved by makers everywhere. Reason being, the Raspberry Pi is one of the most versatile single board computers ever invented. It has been used to power tablets, robots, solar panels, gaming systems, and even Google Glass-like … Continue reading


Lenovo and Razer Team up to Form the Computer World’s Newest Super Group

It’s no secret that desktop PC sales have seen a decline over the last few years. Smartphones, tablets, laptops and a plethora of hybrid devices available in a wide array of style and price options have made the home PC … Continue reading


The $5 Raspberry Pi Zero Is Now the Fastest-Selling Computer in History

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or traveled to a place without internet over the Thanksgiving holiday, odds are you’ve seen that the tiny, $5 Raspberry Pi Zero was released over the weekend to smashing results. What you may … Continue reading


Novena, an Open Sourced Laptop, Raises over $750,000 on Crowdy Supply

For three years now, we have been more cautious than ever regarding security breaches in anything internet or computer related. Ever since Edward Snowden exposed the sneaky dealings of the NSA, it seems like one thing after another has been … Continue reading


For Less than a $100, You Can Now Purchase a Desktop PC That Fits in Your Pocket

It’s $99, is roughly the size of a thick business card and can (potentially) replace your desktop PC. Meet the newest pocket PC on the block, the Kangaroo – a Windows 10-equipped micro PC from Infocus that is smaller than … Continue reading


The HP Envy 34 May Just Be the Most Luxurious All-In-One PC You’ll Own

It seems like the PC market doesn’t get as much headline time as the laptop market does. But laptops aren’t the only ones that get to sport high-end internal hardware, and sexy curves. HP has been working hard on its … Continue reading


Lenovo Faces Scrutiny for Another Spyware Scandal, This Time Involving ThinkPads

Most of us don’t think of the word “untrustworthy” when we think of Lenovo. I would say many of us simply know Lenovo as a computer and tech company. You may not believe it, but Lenovo gets in trouble quite … Continue reading