Mouse-Box: Shoving an Entire PC into a Mouse?

“If the smartphones in our pockets are exponentially smaller and more powerful than the laptops that use to break our backs, couldn’t we squeeze a computer inside a mouse?” Good point, Gizmodo. Whether or not there’s a super relevant reason … Continue reading

Intel Compute Stick: Not Just Another HDMI Dongle

Artificial Skin on the Way to Provide Sensation to Prosthetics

Hack Your Older Appliances with LittleBits Smart Home Kit

Google wants Detecting Cancer to be as Easy as Popping a Pill

Kano Makes Coding “Lego Simple, Raspberry Pi Powerful”

Around this time last year, Raspberry Pi coding kit extraordinaire Kano was pummeling its $100,000 Kickstarter goal. After raising over $150,000 in just one day, Kano has been excited to release its coding toolkit for programming lovers everywhere. Fast forward … Continue reading


Microsoft Partners with Intel for DIY Mini PC, Sharks Cove

The Raspberry Pi, a credit-card sized single-board computer developed in the UK, has become a hugely popular sensation since it’s start in 2012. It not only created waves in the developer/computer community, but even had big rivals like Intel and … Continue reading


CloudBits- Connect Your LittleBits Creation to the Internet

LittleBits Electronics, an open source library of modular electronics that snap together with magnets, is already something of a darling with hardware hackers and designers. Over time, these components have become more and more sophisticated, and now the company is … Continue reading


SXSW’s 2014 Interactive Festival Kicks Off This Week: Here Are Some Things You Shouldn’t Miss

In 2010, SXSW’s Interactive Festival surpassed the Music portion for the first time in attendees.  Considering the droves of humans that flood the incomparable music hub of Austin, Texas for the Music portion of the festival, this was no easy … Continue reading


Dell Turns Up the Heat with Their Alienware Steam Machine

If last year’s Consumer Electronics Show was any indication of things to come, then the future of living room gaming just may lie in the hot hands of the Steam Machine. After years of speculation and hints of a 2014 … Continue reading


Google’s Contact Lenses For Diabetics Could Alleviate A Very Painful Daily Routine

Last Thursday, the folks at Google announced plans to design contact lenses for a very particular crowd, diabetics. A not-so secretive division of Google, called Google-X, has been testing the notion of “smart contact lens” and the type of help … Continue reading


Intel Edison: The Tiny Quark Computer the Size of an SD Card

Intel just made their most important innovation announcement in years. Edison. This Edison isn’t a person, but it sure is a genius. It’s essentially a tiny computer crammed into the size and shape of an SD card. This means something … Continue reading


MIT Researcher John Romanishin’s Self-Assembling Robots With a Surprisingly Simply Scheme

These little robots are not only simplistic in their appearance but in operation. Built to be in cube form, with magnetic sides and corners, they are hollow and have no external moving parts. That does not stop them from their most admirable traits; climbing over and around one another, rolling around on the ground, leaping into thin air and even moving while suspended upside down. The one thing contained inside the cube is the flywheel, which can spin at speeds of 20,000 revolutions per minute!


Utilite- The $99 ARM-based Ubuntu PC

As mini as it may be, Utilite doesn't limit its ports or connectivity. As seen in the photo, we've got WiFi b/g/n, Blueooth 3.0, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, HDMI and DVI for video output, 4 USB 2.0's and 1 micro, as well as a micro SD slot and audio jacks.


Project Pi in the Sky, Raspberry Pi Gets a Bird’s Eye View of Space

Over the weekend a man named Dave Akerman, self described as an armchair astronaut, sent a Raspberry Pi and one of the newly released 5 MegaPixel Pi cameras up, up, up and away, as part of his “Eye in the … Continue reading