Alienware Alpha Packs PC Gaming into a Compact Console

While console gaming has come a very long way since the days of the Atari, it still lags behind comparable technology in several areas, most notably in performance. Even the relatively newer consoles struggle with running at full 1080p resolution, … Continue reading


Logitech’s MX Master, a Multi-Functional Mouse for Today’s Multi-Tasker

What’s in a mouse? It just so happens to be one of the most widely used input devices ever. It connects us to the digital world. It makes our hands and fingers a little more powerful. In all seriousness, however, … Continue reading


Logic Supply’s Fanless, Industrial NUC Features Intel

The new fanless mini ultrabox from industrial and embedded computer manufacturer, Logic Supply, is a weird looking one, but apparently has good intention surrounding it’s strange build; and a Broadwell processor to boot. Dubbed the ML100, this small form factor … Continue reading


Microsoft’s Soft Reveal of Its New PC Dongle

The trend of bringing your PC to your living room is a thriving one. There’s the Steam Box, which brings gaming, streaming, and media entertainment to your television. Then there’s simple HDMI dongles like the Google Chromecast, Roku, and Mozilla … Continue reading


BBC’s Make It Digital Initiative Will Give 1 Million Microcomputers to Students

The BCC has revealed a microcomputer called Micro Bit, part of its Make It Digital initiative, a program for students to start learning code to prepare them for possible careers in the tech world. It’s a tiny little thing, about … Continue reading


New Acer Chromeboxes Sport Lots of RAM, Core i3 Processors

Acer made an announcement for the CXI Chromebox, a different way to bring the Chrome OS to your desktop without a Chromebook! Acer keeps its commitment to Chrome tight in its own line of PCs, and the CXI continues the … Continue reading


Desktop Lovers Will Love Intel’s New Iris Pro GPUs

This week, during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Intel showed off a new integrated graphics line using fifth-generation Core processors for desktop PC enthusiasts and desktop gamers. First announced back in January, the “65-watt, unlocked desktop Core i7 … Continue reading


System76 Launches Meerkat, Broadwell-Powered Mini-desktop PC

System76 is a Colorado-based computer manufacturer, best known for its open source software support; and use of Ubuntu Linux in its notebooks, desktops, and servers-which were actually some of the first to come with Linux pre-installed. The number 76 is … Continue reading


The New Fanless DS57U from Shuttle Runs Broadwell Processor

Shuttle PCs are well known for being high quality, compact, and slim. The Taiwan-based company has been making anything from motherboards, barebone computers, monitors, and complete PC systems for the last ten years (Wikipedia). Among the most popular commercialized Shuttle … Continue reading


Dell’s New Micro PCs, the OptiPlex 9020 and OptiPlex 3020

Tiny computers, ahem, micro desktop PCs are so cute, and what overrides appearance more than a cheap price with a high spec list? The answer is nothing. Dell decided to debut a pair of micro PCs, the OptiPlex 9020 and … Continue reading


HP’s Got Two Mini Desktops: The Stream Mini and Pavillion Mini PCs

HP has a couple of new mini desktop options, dubbed the HP Stream Mini and HP Pavillion Mini. They’re both tiny little things, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, are on the lower spec end, and … Continue reading


CuBox Is a Tiny 2-Inch Cube Set Top Box

Tiny computers are so awesome. From the so-loved Raspberry Pi to a good ol’ Chromecast HDMI stick, portable mini-computers are usually very functional, and very reasonably priced. The one thing that could make streaming devices this even better though, is … Continue reading


OneBoard Pro+, an Android Keyboard That’s Also a Computer

It seems the concept of hiding computers inside otherwise ordinary electronics is becoming popular. Just a few weeks back, we heard of a computer mouse that runs an entire operating system and functions like a real computer. We also can’t … Continue reading


MIPS Creator CI20 Launches for $65

Back in late 2014, Imagination Technologies, an Apple GPU supplier, announced the release of its own MIPS-based, single-board computer to compete with the so-loved ARM-based Raspberry Pi. The MIPS Creator CI20 came with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM … Continue reading


The Raspberry Pi 2 B+ Model Is Here, and It’s Six times Faster

What a big surprise! Despite none of us expected a new version of the Raspberry Pi until 2017, the company just went ahead and launched it anyway. Now, we’re not talking Raspberry Pi A++, B++, or whatever incremental change that … Continue reading