Desktop Lovers Will Love Intel’s New Iris Pro GPUs

This week, during the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Intel showed off a new integrated graphics line using fifth-generation Core processors for desktop PC enthusiasts and desktop gamers. First announced back in January, the “65-watt, unlocked desktop Core i7 … Continue reading

System76 Launches Meerkat, Broadwell-Powered Mini-desktop PC

The New Fanless DS57U from Shuttle Runs Broadwell Processor

Dell’s New Micro PCs, the OptiPlex 9020 and OptiPlex 3020

HP’s Got Two Mini Desktops: The Stream Mini and Pavillion Mini PCs

CuBox Is a Tiny 2-Inch Cube Set Top Box

Tiny computers are so awesome. From the so-loved Raspberry Pi to a good ol’ Chromecast HDMI stick, portable mini-computers are usually very functional, and very reasonably priced. The one thing that could make streaming devices this even better though, is … Continue reading


OneBoard Pro+, an Android Keyboard That’s Also a Computer

It seems the concept of hiding computers inside otherwise ordinary electronics is becoming popular. Just a few weeks back, we heard of a computer mouse that runs an entire operating system and functions like a real computer. We also can’t … Continue reading


MIPS Creator CI20 Launches for $65

Back in late 2014, Imagination Technologies, an Apple GPU supplier, announced the release of its own MIPS-based, single-board computer to compete with the so-loved ARM-based Raspberry Pi. The MIPS Creator CI20 came with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM … Continue reading


The Raspberry Pi 2 B+ Model Is Here, and It’s Six times Faster

What a big surprise! Despite none of us expected a new version of the Raspberry Pi until 2017, the company just went ahead and launched it anyway. Now, we’re not talking Raspberry Pi A++, B++, or whatever incremental change that … Continue reading


Mouse-Box: Shoving an Entire PC into a Mouse?

“If the smartphones in our pockets are exponentially smaller and more powerful than the laptops that use to break our backs, couldn’t we squeeze a computer inside a mouse?” Good point, Gizmodo. Whether or not there’s a super relevant reason … Continue reading


Intel Compute Stick: Not Just Another HDMI Dongle

We love the Google Chromecast. Oh, and the Roku! Don’t forget about the Mozilla Matchstick! They are all great (but similar) options for streaming TV with just an HDMI stick. So, you’re probably hoping I don’t suggest a new (and … Continue reading


Artificial Skin on the Way to Provide Sensation to Prosthetics

We’ve come a long way in prosthetics. Those who have lost their limbs in war, accidents, and other causes have been able to benefit from the advancements in this technology. Some options these days are even low cost, as 3D … Continue reading


Hack Your Older Appliances with LittleBits Smart Home Kit

LittleBits has become well known in the community of modular electronics. The company continues to “democratize hardware” by introducing new ways of connecting and linking items to the internet, like the CloudBit device announced last July. LittleBit’s latest idea is … Continue reading


Google wants Detecting Cancer to be as Easy as Popping a Pill

America and our pills. Got an ailment? The docs have a solution, and it’s usually in pill form. Make fun of that all you want, but it’s the way the world works now. The best kind of medicine is the … Continue reading


Kano Makes Coding “Lego Simple, Raspberry Pi Powerful”

Around this time last year, Raspberry Pi coding kit extraordinaire Kano was pummeling its $100,000 Kickstarter goal. After raising over $150,000 in just one day, Kano has been excited to release its coding toolkit for programming lovers everywhere. Fast forward … Continue reading