Qualcomm Announces Snapdragon 820 with Upgraded GPU and ISP

San Diego based Qualcomm needs a lift, something extra to offer, and hopefully after announcing its very new smartphone processor at the 2015 SIGGRAPH Conference, we can keep our fingers crossed that this could be it. The flagship mobile chip, … Continue reading


Intel’s Skylake CPU Tackles High-Performance Gaming

As portable laptops and hybrid devices continue to hedge out the desktop PC market, tech firms are starting to realize what a giant chunk of the PC market is now taken up by gamers. Most smartphones and tablets can handle … Continue reading


External Graphics Are Coming to a Laptop near You Thanks to the OCuLink Cable

For graphics hounds in the market for a laptop or PC, the struggle for what to forgo is very real. While notebook PCs offer the utmost in convenience and portability, the need for low power consumption and a light, travel-friendly … Continue reading


Lenovo Joins the Ranks of Pocket PCs with Their New $129 Ideacentre Stick 300

Lenovo announced their tiny PC on a stick this week, joining the ranks of companies like Intel and CTL which debuted their own similarly tiny devices earlier in the year. While Lenovo is not the first kid on the block … Continue reading


HP Changes Its Plan for Futuristic “Machine’ to Get It to Market

HP’s futuristic ‘Machine‘ computer, which was first announced by the company in 2014, has changed course a bit. HP first wanted to make this memory-driven computer using a new kind of memory chip dubbed the “memristor”, said to be as … Continue reading


Spoiler Alert: This Hammer of Thor PC Case Is Cooler than Any Gadget You Own

This week’s Computex Expo in Taipei, one of the largest computer and technology trade shows in the world, showcased some of the most amazing designs and inventions the tech world currently has to offer. One particular display has garnered more … Continue reading


This Tiny Windows 10 PC Is Inside a Tiny Power Adapter

Among the many Windows 10 pieces (laptops, notebooks, desktops) coming our way, Microsoft wanted to show off something interesting during this week’s Computex conference. Dubbed the Quanta Compute Plug, this device isn’t your ordinary PC. It’s an alternative, but fully … Continue reading


Nvidia Announces Flagship, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, for 4K Gaming

During this week’s Computex, International Technology Trade Show in Taipei, Taiwan, Nvidia, known for its high-end video cards, got to show off its flagship GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Last year, its predecessor, the GTX 980 was the most powerful member … Continue reading


Endless- a Game Changing Desktop Computer for Sale on Kickstarter

While entrepreneur Matt Dalio was enjoying his travels through India, he realized the country’s severe imbalance of devices used in middle class homes. Although most families had television sets, not many had computers. In fact, most of the people who … Continue reading


MediaTek’s 10 Core SoC, the Helio X20

Taiwan-based MediaTek is a pioneering semiconductor company and market leader in system-on-a-chip (SoCs) for wireless communications, HDTV, DVD, and Blu-ray. However, it is mostly known as a provider of mid-to-low range chips for smartphones and tablets. As of this week, … Continue reading


Meet CHIP – the World’s First $9 Computer

Move over, Raspberry Pi – there’s a new kid in town. Meet CHIP, the latest Kickstarter project from Next Thing and the world’s first nine dollar computer. While in life (and certainly on Kickstarter) there is no such thing as … Continue reading


HP Announces a Nice Supply of Sleek New All-In-One PCs

Yes, we all love our laptops. Whether they are sleek and thin, or light as air, they are all the rage these days, especially as they become more powerful workstations. However, HP doesn’t want us to forget about the desktop … Continue reading


Vensmile W10 – a Different Look to The “Mini PC”

Technology keeps getting smaller, it seems there’s virtually no limit to what you can fit into a hand-held device. We’re used to seeing a lot of HDMI streaming dongles, like the Roku or Chromecast, entering the picture. Now, computers-on-a-stick, like … Continue reading


The Smallest Computer in the World, Micro Mote

We sure have come a long way when it comes to computing. Not only is everything smarter than it used to be, but it continues to get smaller and smaller. A teensy autonomous computer called the Michigan Micro Mote, or … Continue reading


The Pi-Top Lets You Build Your Own Laptop at Home

As you probably already know, there are an endless number of cool creations made possible by the Raspberry Pi. However, most of the designs out there require some working knowledge of electronics and there is usually a bit of soldering … Continue reading