The Landline Might be Dead, But Voice Bridge Might Be Resurrecting It For Your Convenience

A statement from The Verge author, Ashley Carman, completely cracked me up when I first read it. She says, “Before I start telling you about this new gadget, let’s have a moment of silence for the landline phone number”. I … Continue reading


Mark Zuckerberg Covers His Laptop Webcam, and You Should Too

Excuse me while I get personal, here, but we’re one of those households that ex-ed our Xbox One’s Kinect camera. We sold it. We didn’t want anything to do with it. We had a good time using it for Fruit … Continue reading


Overheating Issues Are Not a Thing of the Past, HP Issues Worldwide Warning to Laptop Owners

HP has been dealing with a big issue lately. Basically, if you have any HP laptop that’s a couple years old or more, you should be watching out for overheating. Typically, any aging laptop can begin overheating, and for a … Continue reading


Well-Received Asus Chromebook Flip Is the First to Gain Google Play Store Apps

Another great thing came out of Google I/O last month, the almighty announcement that Chromebooks were going to receive Android apps! With the news meaning happiness for many, not all Chromebook users will be able to experience the adaptation, as … Continue reading


The Rustic, Round Runcible by Monohm Is the New Anti-Smartphone

Technology has come a long way in the last decade. Our phones, which once served as simple devices to keep us connected to those we loved, now serve as mini-computers which keep us tethered to work emails, social media and … Continue reading


The Moto Z Rids Itself of the 3.5mm Jack and No One Knows What to Think

What the new Moto Z features, or shall I say, does not feature, could completely change the way smartphone manufacturers design their phones. Either that, or no one will follow suit, and then this will turn out to be a … Continue reading


Alienware’s Aurora VR Ready Tower is Svelte, Compact, and Packs a Punch

Alienware makes this amazing VR-ready machine, called Aurora, whose last iteration from 2011 became known for its active venting technologies, a.k.a. the “ALX fins”, which flipped open if the computer were to get overheated. Protected inside was an Intel six-core, … Continue reading


The Chuwi HiBook Dual Boot Tab is a 10.1 inch Tablet Runs Both Android and Windows

Reviews for the Chuwi HiBook Android/Windows device are definitely all over the place, but for the most part, summarized as being “a sturdy notebook, but with flaws”, as PC World put it. But for the time being, let’s start out … Continue reading


Synaptics Wants to Bring Fingerprint Authentication To Any PC

Synaptics: we know it for its tremendous efforts in human interface solutions. The touchpad manufacturer has developed technologies for “a large range of mobile computing, PC, entertainment and other consumer electronic devices”; with customers including Acer, Asus, Dell, Google, HTC, … Continue reading


Everything You Need to Know About this Week’s Bluetooth 5 Announcement

While Bluetooth as a whole isn’t one of the most exciting topics in technology, over time it has become one of the unsung heroes that help us get through our daily lives. From our automobiles to our home speaker systems, … Continue reading


Lenovo Showcases New Bendable Displays with a Concept Smartphone and Tablet

Bendable display technology is one of the hottest trends in the world right now. As far back as 2013, Samsung has been teasing concepts that feature bendable and even foldable displays. If the rumor mill is to be trusted, they … Continue reading


AMD Delivers High-End, VR-Capable Graphics with the $200 Radeon RX 480

The recent flood of interest in VR technology has sent the graphics world into a frenzy. Companies like AMD and Nvidia are dedicating countless man hours to keep up with the visual demand created by this emerging field. On the … Continue reading


Asus’ Proof-Of-Concept, Project Avalon, Features Modular Motherboard and Chassis

There’s nothing new about building your own PC. It’s easy, fun, you can decide just how high-end to make your device, and upgrade anytime you want. We live in the era of DIY (do-it-yourself), and there’s nothing PC gamers love … Continue reading


Dell Wants to Make a Fancy Fashion Statement With an Upgraded Gold XPS 13

There’s multitudes of reasons to love the Dell XPS 13. You’ve got to give it props for possibly being one of the best Windows laptops ever- and yes we know the Surface Book exists, and the XPS 13’s lack of … Continue reading


Google Reveals Chromebook Devices Will Soon Get Android Apps

Anything Chromebook-related comes dear to my heart. When it first came out, I didn’t fully understand the concept of the Chromebook to be entirely exciting or useful. But when I realized I was a Chromebook candidate, a perfect one at … Continue reading