Want a Portable Way to Charge Your Smartphone? How About for $2 a Day?

Computer accessory maker Anker has been around for a while. If you were to find yourself needing an extra cable, portable charger or battery pack, the company is quite the prestigious choice on Amazon. In a world of heavy smartphone … Continue reading


Dell Readies Their Enterprise PC’s for a Future in Virtual Reality

While VR may have started out as a novelty and gaming act, all trends currently point to it soon becoming a booming aspect of the enterprise workstation business. In fact, tech adviser Digi-Capital predicts that Virtual Reality will be a … Continue reading


RippleBuds Make Ambient Sounds and External Noise a Non-Issue for Phone Calls and Music

We all know that Bluetooth is a thing, we know it still exists, and that it is particularly helpful for communicating hands-free with headphones and earbud sets. But when is the last time we have heard of any big advancements … Continue reading


New Proposed Bill Could Mean: No ID, No Burner Phone For You

Burner phones, or those prepaid phones you can buy at a supermarket and put minutes on at your convenience, may soon be a thing of the past. Despite the leisure of having the pay-as-you-go attitude, burners are often in the … Continue reading


Ring – a Wi-Fi, HD Video, and Motion Detection Enabled Doorbell for Your Home

Santa Monica startup Ring (previously named dubbed BOT Home Automation), maker of Wi-Fi-equipped smart doorbells, started with just a $199, 720p, 180-degree field of view camera for protecting the home. After having some issues with lag and consistently good video … Continue reading


“Chromebook” Your Old Laptop With Neverware’s CloudReady Software

Instead of typing on the Chromebook I have today, could I have just transformed my old Dell laptop into Chrome-capable computer? No way. I thought, and I am sure I’m not alone in this, that when we have an old … Continue reading


CTL’s New J5 Chromebook is a Rugged Convertible Feat 360-Degree Hinge

With the growing demand for 2-in-1 hybrids, seeing a Chromebook that can transform from laptop to tablet, and be folded into multiple modes is refreshing, and adds to its overall productivity factor. When I think of Chromebooks, I don’t exactly … Continue reading


Lenovo’s ThinkPad T460s Is a Winner For the Productive Worker

It’s durable, at the same time of maintaining a balance between design and productivity. Despite the immense variety in laptops, and the stress that can go along with having too many choices, there’s surely a reason for having options. The … Continue reading


MSI Takes on MacBook Pro’s Cylindrical Design With New Vortex Gaming PC

There’s a triangular core containing a CPU and two GPUs, and just one fan to keep the entire PC running cool Remember when the Apple Mac Pro Desktop came out, everyone thought it looked like a trash can. Being cylindrical … Continue reading


Sulon Q VR Headset Powered by AMD, Completely Tetherless

The new Sulon Q headset will provide PC generated virtual reality experiences “tether-free”. Virtual Reality headsets are like mascara. Funny how I could’ve chosen a thousand different analogies there but wanted to reach my female audience for a change. See, … Continue reading


Using Intelligent Energy’s Fuel-Cell System, Get Ready for a 7-Day Powered Phone

I don’t know how many times I have expelled my frustrations about this topic via the internet, but here I go again. Why, despite the amazing technological innovations and advancements that we have been consistently seeing, are we still not … Continue reading


New Standards in DisplayPort Mean Driving 8K over Thunderbolt and USB Type-C

New display capabilities (that surround both DisplayPort and Embedded DisplayPort devices) are hitting the market faster than the devices we own. Still, these standards are important keys for our viewing pleasure.The authoritative standard-setter, the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA), most … Continue reading


Lenovo’s New Tab3 Series of Tablets Have Arrived, for Both Family and Business

There’s a slate of new tablets from Lenovo, a lovely variety of Android devices that cater to those who prefer friendly-budget prices. There’s the Tab3 7 and Tab3 8, similar tablets, just in slightly different sizes, made for the everyday … Continue reading


Dell to Make Stronger Connection in India by Launching Slew of New Latitude Devices

Hooray for Dell. The company is expanding its product portfolio by officially launching its Latitude 7000 Series Windows 10 notebooks in India. Announced just last week, the company was also excited to reveal upgraded hardware for the Latitude 3000 Series. … Continue reading


Acer Has Built a Beast of a Gaming Notebook, the Predator 17

We all know gaming laptops come with a serious price. There’s no way you’re gonna get top-rated performance, excellent graphics and quality by paying what us “normal” laptop users pay. It’s also important for things to stay cool when you’re … Continue reading