Lenovo India Wants to Provide a Valuable First Timer Laptop, and It’s the Ideapad 110

Lenovo India has announced a budget laptop, the Ideapad 110, aimed for first-time PC buyers. In a variety of ways, the Ideapad 110 is a value laptop, priced fairly and complete with just the features a consumer new to the … Continue reading


The Simple Fun You’ve Always Wanted is a Pocket-Sized PocketCHIP Running PICO-8

The last time I considered something legit for computing and phoning, requiring two hands to hold and type, was the almighty Blackberry phone. Also known as the loser of the market, Blackberry isn’t readily used by the common public anymore, … Continue reading


Get Creative with the NanoPi Neo, a Linux-based SBC even Cheaper than The Raspberry Pi!

A little adorable Raspberry Pi alternative? How could anything get cuter than the original bite-sized computer board that swept the world with its countless uses and $35 price tag? We are in for a treat, because a company called FriendlyARM, … Continue reading


Facebook Is One Step Closer to Laser-Based Internet

When it comes to bringing internet to the masses, we’ve seen it all lately. Google has already begun testing on Project Loon, their balloon-powered internet endeavor. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is immersed in secret planning to bring a constellation of internet-broadcasting … Continue reading


Coming Soon: A 4TB Version of Samsung’s Best-Selling SSD

For home PC users looking to up their storage capacity, Samsung released some very good news for you this month. Oftentimes the decision to add more storage ends up with an unfavorable compromise; for the everyday user, at least. While … Continue reading


Microsoft Will Give You a Free Dell Laptop if Your Device Won’t Update

Has everyone upgraded to Windows 10 yet? There’s no reason you shouldn’t be, it’s been free to download for months. But, that is about to end, and Microsoft released OS prices a while back saying that Windows 10 Pro would … Continue reading


Diamonds Could Replace Silicon and Power Devices- Simpler, Faster, and Lighter than Ever

There is a rise in the worth of diamonds lately, and we’re not talking about the rings on our fingers. Diamonds could very well play a large role in becoming an electronic material- an alternative to silicon, which has been … Continue reading


Chinese Company Dongxu Excited to Incorporate Graphene Batteries for 15-Minute Device Charging

Well we meet again. It has been time and time again that I have reported on this or that new battery technology being incredibly advanced, to the point of charging a smartphone in this or that amount of time. This … Continue reading


When Android Met iPhone, a Possible Love Story by Nick Lee

How hard is it to decide between Apple, Samsung, or another smartphone device? For most of America, reports show, not that difficult. The split is real. Folks love their iPhones and their Galaxies. The thing is, the operating systems running … Continue reading


Samsung’s New Speedy UFS Cards will Suggest the MicroSD to “Step Aside”

Samsung is deciding to roll out some incredibly speedy UFS cards in effort to replace SSDs. What does this all mean? Well, it apparently means Samsung is the first brand ever to bring UFS cards to market, a.k.a. Universal Flash … Continue reading


This ‘Schiit’, Called the Bifrost Multibit, May be the Best Music Converter Around

With all the laptops and smartphones taking up the news in the topic of electronics, it’s rare we hear about anything new in the realm of music and digital audio connectivity. As a device-user, a smartphone-needing, smart thermostat-wanting, and smart … Continue reading


NVIDIA’s SHIELD Android TV Update Is Something You Should Download Yesterday

You know of the NVIDIA Shield TV, correct? It’s an amazing Android-based set-top box for streaming both entertainment and gaming in your living room. Released May of 2015, it’s also the first device from NVIDIA to employ Android TV and … Continue reading


Dell Says “Caya Nara” to Its Venue Line of Tablets to Focus on Windows 2-In-1’s

I remember the first time I heard about the Dell Venue tablets, it was in 2014 and I did a review on the Venue 8 7000. I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed playing around with the devices, they were … Continue reading


The Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is a Fast-Charging, Affordable 3-in-1

What could possibly be better than a 2-in-1 laptop and tablet? Well for starters, how about a 3-in-1. Samsung is known for leading the pack when it comes to gadgets and visuals. Their smartphones rival the ever-popular iPhone, while their … Continue reading


Google Wants Project Bloks to Get Kids Into Coding for Fun and for Their Future

During my generation as a young child in school, I remember the moment we got those colorful iMac desktop computers. I remember playing games on them, learning and typing documents. Bringing computers into the classroom, or computer room for that … Continue reading