The ZenPad 8.0 and 10 are Asus’s Answer to Mid-Range Android Tablets

The ZenPad is from Asus. Let me correct myself, it’s not just a singular product from Asus, it’s an entire line of Android tablets that have been on the rise for quite a btt. See, in general, Android tablets are … Continue reading


Samsung Unveils a Rollable Screen Prototype at Display Week 2016

The SID Display Week 2016 trade show took place in San Francisco last week and showcased the newest, most cutting-edge display technology currently making its way through the pipeline. While several new concept smartphones and gadgets were on hand at … Continue reading


Samsung Markets Its New Iris Tablet to India, Complete with Dual-Eye Iris Scanner for Protection

Samsung doesn’t shy away from its investments local to the American consumer. Take India, where Samsung’s R&D divisions have been at it hard in biometrics technology research, trying to impress the growing workplace-tablet market. There is a new device I … Continue reading


The Rival 700 Mouse Brings Tactile Feedback to PC Gaming

PC gaming has made some giant strides forward in recent years. Improvements in display technology, graphics cards, storage capabilities, and overall PC performance have driven the recent resurgence in a market that just a few years ago seemed on the … Continue reading


Purism’s Librem 2-in-1 Devices, Focusing on the Best Privacy, Plus High Quality Hardware

Purism, the company whose self-proclaimed free/libre philosophy intends to provide high quality hardware, all while accommodating all the rights of security and privacy each device owner deserves. They care about respecting the freedom of the individual. Purism’s latest endeavour includes … Continue reading


Meet the New King of Graphics, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080

Nvidia launched its newest gaming GPU earlier this month and it is a PC gamer’s dream. Initial reviews of the latest and greatest in their long-respected line of graphics cards have been unanimously positive, and it even seems to be … Continue reading


The XOnet Gateway Protects Your Device from Potential Threats with Ad-Blocking Feature

Do you know about California-based XOware? In 2011, the startup began its adventure in creating easy-to-use hardware products that protect the privacy of personal digital communications and data (as described on the company’s mission statement). The entire team of engineers … Continue reading


HP Elitebook 1030, A Lovely Balance Between Lovely and Professional

The Elitebooks from HP are business-class notebooks, built with the lovely twist we like to call elegance, plus what the folks call “premium consumers design into a commercial-grade device”. At least that is what HP has been up to with … Continue reading


The Amazingly Cheap Pi Zero Gains a Camera Connector and is Available Now!

What? The Raspberry Pi Foundation has done something else, cheaper than ever before? We’re of course used to the already affordable $20-$35 Pis, which have been slightly upgraded over the past few years. Yet, some of you may still not … Continue reading


+ Starbreeze: Soon to Equal a 210-degree Field of Vision VR Headset

While it has come to my attention that Acer hasn’t been doing as well as it should be, the PC maker isn’t going to let the market slow it down. Acer is a veteran in the world of computers, but … Continue reading


Dell Launches VR-Ready Special Edition XPS 8900 Desktop

Dell put some special additions into its XPS 8900 Special Edition Gaming PC. Sometimes I’m lame, but that’s okay, don’t judge me. This upgradable design has been suited for strong gaming, plus the wonderful world of the virtual reality realm. … Continue reading


Samsung’s Latest Portable SSD T3 is a Sleek Next-Gen Answer to Managing Your Data

The tiny device before your eyes is Samsung’s latest solution to external solid state storage. Todd Lynton, Director of Business Solutions at Samsung Australia says, “Samsung is committed to innovation in portable storage, and have delivered an incredibly well designed … Continue reading


Dell Precision 15 5510: a Compact 15-inch Notebook With Excellent Performance

Dell does the notebook game from head-to-toe. It has gone the consumer-focused route, business route, and everything in between with its convertibles, Ultrabooks, and mobile workstations. The more recent XPS devices are a great mixture of both beauty, power, and … Continue reading


The Hp Elitebook Folio G1 is as MacBook as you Can Get

One thing we can say about Apple, is despite its being ahead of the curve for many years, other companies are finally catching up, finally designing the sleek build quality, crazy good display, and better battery life we’re searching for. … Continue reading


Apple MacBook 2016, Upgraded Processor, and a Much Higher Price

We’re all gearing up for the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) event in June, where we will witnessing the launch of Apple’s newest MacBook 2016. Last year, we were interested to see Apple’s announcement of not a MacBook Air, not … Continue reading