HP Changes Its Plan for Futuristic “Machine’ to Get It to Market

HP’s futuristic ‘Machine‘ computer, which was first announced by the company in 2014, has changed course a bit. HP first wanted to make this memory-driven computer using a new kind of memory chip dubbed the “memristor”, said to be as … Continue reading


Spoiler Alert: This Hammer of Thor PC Case Is Cooler than Any Gadget You Own

This week’s Computex Expo in Taipei, one of the largest computer and technology trade shows in the world, showcased some of the most amazing designs and inventions the tech world currently has to offer. One particular display has garnered more … Continue reading


This Tiny Windows 10 PC Is Inside a Tiny Power Adapter

Among the many Windows 10 pieces (laptops, notebooks, desktops) coming our way, Microsoft wanted to show off something interesting during this week’s Computex conference. Dubbed the Quanta Compute Plug, this device isn’t your ordinary PC. It’s an alternative, but fully … Continue reading


Thync’s Mood-Altering Headset, Uses Electrical Pulses

According to Thync’s website, the company was “born out of fascination with how neuroscience can impact daily life”. The team at Thync is made up of neuroscience, neurobiology, and consumer electronics specialists from MIT, Harvard, and Stanford University. Man, just … Continue reading


Huawei’s the P8 Lite, Third Smartphone for U.S. Launch

We haven’t heard much from Chinese smartphone company, Huawei, in the U.S. lately. Despite last year’s launch of its very own webstore, GetHuawei, as well as the Ascend Mate2 smartphone, it has a ways to go to gain growing presence … Continue reading


MSI Teams up with Tobii for Eye-Tracking GT72 Gaming Laptop

The Computex tradeshow in Taiwan continues to grace us with more and more exciting tech news and products from various companies. MSI (Micro-Star International), a Taiwanese multinational information technology corporation, is known for developing computer hardware and related products (laptops, … Continue reading


128GB of Storage in the Tiniest USB 3.0 Flash Drive Ever

SanDisk’s new Ultra Fit USB 3.0 flash drive, in all its teeny tiny glory, fits up to 128GB of storage. This is pretty impressive. Most flashies these days max out at 64GB. This is an awesome new option for laptop … Continue reading


Get 800% More out of Your Disposable Batteries with Batteriser

In today’s day and age, we’re getting used to teeny little chip-like batteries powering our devices. We can’t forget about alkaline batteries, though. We still use them for countless things around the house, but let’s face it, they really don’t … Continue reading


Lenovo Unveils a ‘Something for Everyone’ Lineup of Laptops

Lenovo hosted its first-ever global event this week in Beijing and has been generating internet buzz ever since. Lenovo’s Tech World showcased some of the most unique and interesting innovations taking place behind the scenes in the tech world, and … Continue reading


Nvidia Announces Flagship, the GeForce GTX 980 Ti, for 4K Gaming

During this week’s Computex, International Technology Trade Show in Taipei, Taiwan, Nvidia, known for its high-end video cards, got to show off its flagship GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Last year, its predecessor, the GTX 980 was the most powerful member … Continue reading


Google Launches Project Vault, a Secure MicroSD with NFC

Google news continues. The company has created its very own microSD form factor called Project Vault, a device that uses hardware and software in a secure computing environment. Used to protect your data, Project Vault comes at a time when … Continue reading


ASUS New Pocket Projector Can Connect Directly to Your Android Phone

“I go to parties, sometimes til four. It’s hard to leave when you can’t find the door”. More so than any of the Indie groups or rock bands I followed around in my 20’s, this lyric from The Eagles pretty … Continue reading


Google’s Project Soli Radar-Based Gesture Technology

Lots of news came out of Google’s I/O Conference last week. One big thing still grabbing our attention involves Google’s secretive Advanced Technology and Projects Group ATAP, formerly a division of Motorola that’s now dedicated to creating the coolest things … Continue reading


What We Know About Android M Developer Preview So Far

Google announced Android M last week, the newest version of its operating system for mobile. What will the “M” stand for? Must be something delicious, especially after Lollipop. But I guess that’s not so important. Although a lot of thew … Continue reading


Google’s Project Tango Officially Available for $512

In 2014, we heard of Google’s Project Tango prototype, said to allow smartphones and tablets to record and designate a 3D view of its surrounding world using fancy internal technology. The tablet prototype was said to house an Nvidia Tegra … Continue reading