Dell Hits the Mark with Inspiron 13 7000 Series Convertible

I first heard about Dell’s new Inspiron 13 7000 Series 2-in-1 back in June and at the time, testers were giving it great reviews. For the price, this convertible-hybrid laptop offers a happy medium for users torn between the convenience … Continue reading


Elon Musk on Self-Driving Cars: “They’ll Be Here Sooner than you Think”

Your days of driving around in a two-ton deathwagon piloted by the error-prone human known as yourself may soon be coming to an end. According to Tesla co-founder and CEO Elon Musk, the future of self-driving cars is a lot … Continue reading


Logic Supply’s Fanless, Industrial NUC Features Intel

The new fanless mini ultrabox from industrial and embedded computer manufacturer, Logic Supply, is a weird looking one, but apparently has good intention surrounding it’s strange build; and a Broadwell processor to boot. Dubbed the ML100, this small form factor … Continue reading


A New 3-D Printer Makes Objects from Liquid Using Terminator-Style Technology

A company called Carbon3D launched a new type of technology at this week’s TED conference that may revolutionize the world of 3-D printing. Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology, or CLIP, works by actually “growing” objects out of a pool of … Continue reading


Samsung Chip to Provide 128GB to Budget Devices

You can’t deny using your smartphone for nearly everything, and that “everything” requires space. Storage is becoming more and more important in smartphones, whether you like to load up on apps, transfer virtually every album you own, or, you’re like … Continue reading


Microsoft’s Soft Reveal of Its New PC Dongle

The trend of bringing your PC to your living room is a thriving one. There’s the Steam Box, which brings gaming, streaming, and media entertainment to your television. Then there’s simple HDMI dongles like the Google Chromecast, Roku, and Mozilla … Continue reading


Nvidia Rolls out the Super High-End GeForce Titan X

  Nvidia is known for making incredibly indulgent, top-of-the-line graphics cards for PC gaming. During this month’s Epic’s Game Developers Conference, the company’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huan announced the new GeForce Titan X, calling it “the most advanced GPU the world … Continue reading


The Acer Chromebook 15 Attaches a Small Price Tag to a Big Screen

Let’s be honest – in the world of Chromebooks, there isn’t a whole lot of diversity. Since Chrome OS works pretty much the same across the board, regardless of hardware, the main distinguishing factors you’re left with when choosing the … Continue reading


Kodak’s First Smartphone, Very Mid-Range

When it comes to designing its first smartphone, what would you expect from a camera company? If you said, “a so-so smartphone with a good camera”, then you’re guess is correct. But we’ve got to give it to Kodak, which, … Continue reading


Wear a Smartwatch That Powers All Your Devices with Neptune Suite

Neptune, the company behind the Neptune Pine smartwatch that ran independently from a smartphone, is trying something new and very ambitious. Neptune Pine didn’t do well in the long run, probably because of its bulky and ungainly appearance in a … Continue reading


Blackberry in Cahoots with IBM and Samsung for Its New Tablet

SecuSmart, German encryption specialist owned by Blackberry, has revealed a new tablet with the help of both Samsung and IBM. Dubbed SecuTablet, it sticks to Blackberry’s guns, making it a super-secure device aimed at the big shot business and government … Continue reading


Elite Recreates the ZX Spectrum for a Nice Game of Nostalgia

A new version, a recreation if you will, of the famous Sinclair ZX Spectrum is in order. If you aren’t aware, the ZX Spectrum is a British computer from the 1980’s that helped jump start the video game industry in … Continue reading


ASUS G501: Light and Slim, Features Nvidia 960M GPU

After Nvidia announced a new line of GPUs yesterday, the GeForce GTX 960M and 950M, it didn’t take long for hardware partners to announce something of their own for these to go in. Of the gaming laptops fit for the … Continue reading


Let the Festivities Begin! SXSW 2015 Is Here

Before the city becomes an absolute madhouse of artists, superfans, musicians and lushes, Austin welcomes its first 33,000 or so Festival-goers into the fold of the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, which kicks off today. If you’re one of the … Continue reading


BBC’s Make It Digital Initiative Will Give 1 Million Microcomputers to Students

The BCC has revealed a microcomputer called Micro Bit, part of its Make It Digital initiative, a program for students to start learning code to prepare them for possible careers in the tech world. It’s a tiny little thing, about … Continue reading