Chinese LeTV Announces Three Flagships, Also Headed to US

Private Chinese entertainment company LeTV, or the “Netflix of China”, has announced three flagship devices. All said to be nearly bezel-less, these are considered to be the first smartphones in the entire world to feature USB Type-C ports. We only … Continue reading


Dell Launches an Ubuntu “Developer Edition”of Its XPS 13 Laptop

Linux fans can get excited about Dell’s XPS 13 Developer Edition, which although is exactly like the Windows version, comes with everyone’s (okay, not everyone’s) favorite Ubuntu from Linux. Launched back in January, Dell announced its small and light XPS … Continue reading


Mophie Dishes out New Space Pack Line for Storage and SpaceStation Battery Pack

Mophie is a California-based tech company usually known for its smartphones accessories and battery pack cases for iPhones. Last year, Mophie upped its game by releasing a battery-toting iPhone case with an extra kick, external storage. Dubbed the “Space Pack”, … Continue reading


D-Link’s New Adapter Kit Features Broadcom’s AV2 2000 MIMO Tech

D-Link has announced that its new Gigabit kit for home networks is the first power line adapter kit to adopt Broadcom’s AV2 MIMO chip certification technology. Dubbed the new PowerLine AV2 2000 Gigabit Starter Kit, D-Link expects the tech to … Continue reading


IBM Has Begun Testing AI Software That Works Like the Human Brain

At some point over the last decade you may have heard something about Numenta, a company dedicated to creating Artificial Intelligence software that works more like the human brain. Jeff Hawkins, founder of mobile computing company Palm, has dedicated his … Continue reading


The Smallest Computer in the World, Micro Mote

We sure have come a long way when it comes to computing. Not only is everything smarter than it used to be, but it continues to get smaller and smaller. A teensy autonomous computer called the Michigan Micro Mote, or … Continue reading


The Pi-Top Lets You Build Your Own Laptop at Home

As you probably already know, there are an endless number of cool creations made possible by the Raspberry Pi. However, most of the designs out there require some working knowledge of electronics and there is usually a bit of soldering … Continue reading


Roku 2 and Roku 3 Get Some Sweet Upgrades This Week

There’s nothing new about Roku. You know, the set-top box for media streaming that has sold over 10 million units? We have all heard of it. There has been a couple upgrades since the original Roku, the flagships Roku 2 … Continue reading


LG Hints at an 8K Apple iMac Coming Later This Year

Uh oh… it looks like LG may have pre-emptively spilled the beans about Apple’s future plans for the iMac. Which is surprising, considering that Apple is notoriously hardcore when it comes to new model secrecy – if your company leaks … Continue reading


Kobo Glo HD, Cheaper than the Kindle Voyage, Same Resolution

A new e-reader from Rakuten-owned Kobo has been in the news this week, mainly because it could very well outrun the poster child of e-readers, the Kindle, and now the new Kindle Voyage, with its $130 price. The Japanese e-commerce … Continue reading


Stanford Scientists Reveal Aluminum Bendable Battery

A team of scientists from Stanford University have been working on a bendable battery, stronger and far more efficient than both ion-lithium and alkaline, that can charge a smartphone in 60 seconds. Alternatives, such as alkaline batteries, are known to … Continue reading


The Hisense Chromebook: Can It Be This Cheap and Good?

Last week, Google announced its brand new Chromebit PC-on-a-stick dongle, as well as a slew of new affordable Chromebooks to look forward to. The two initially touted as the most affordable Google-powered laptops yet, the Haier and Hisense Chromebooks, are … Continue reading


Intel’s New Braswell List Include Celeron and Pentium Core Models

Last week, Intel announced its Bay Trail 14nm successor cores dubbed Braswell. Made for low-end desktops, PCs, and laptops, two dual core models and two quad core models exist in the current Braswell list, and will be marketed under the … Continue reading


Wireless Charging from up to 30 Feet Could Be a Possibility with Cota

I’ve said this before and I will say it again, charging is one of the ongoing drawbacks of being so reliant on our smartphones and mobile devices. Most of us use our smartphones all dang day long, and although we … Continue reading


Microsoft Surface 3 Is No “Pro”, but the Price Is Just Right

Microsoft’s line of Surface and Surface Pro tablets were the first to bridge the gap between laptops in tablets in such a successful and mainstream way. The Surface Pro 3 was undoubtedly the most popular and functional model in the … Continue reading