The Pi Foundation Celebrates 5 Years With a New Pi Zero W, a $5 Board With Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

As the Raspberry Pi found itself celebrating its 5th birthday, it’s so hard to believe the mini motherboards have only been around for that long. In that amount of time, we have seen the Pi Foundation come up with ample … Continue reading


A Brand New Option for Mini PC Tinkering is here, and Asus Created it!

If you’re a tinkerer and fan of all things DIY, boy is there something new for you to play with. Of all the companies you could consider becoming hobbyist and micro-computer board friendly, the medal goes to Asus, who has … Continue reading


There’s a New Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3, Slimmed Down and Quad-Cored

Yay to the Compute Module upgrade!!! Wait, Raspberry Pi lovers step aside, there are human beings out there that don’t even know what the original CM1 board, originally released back in 2014, is! Anyone needing a refresher, the original Compute … Continue reading


X86 PC Port Version of the Raspberry Pi’s PIXEL OS Released for Mac and Windows

We know the Raspberry Pi as one of the most popular and affordable mini PCs ever created. The Foundation’s purpose has always been to grant a full-featured desktop experience for a fraction of the price elsewhere. Hence, the mere $35 … Continue reading


Newest Member of the Arduino Family Is the MKRZero, a Shrunken Down 32-Bit DIY Board

Anyone who isn’t into baby motherboards like the Raz Pi or Arduino line, you’re probably not going to know what I’m talking about over here. However, to all the Arduino lovers in the world, you’ll be happy to hear about … Continue reading


The Raspberry Pi Marks 10 Million in Sales With Its Pi Starter Kit, and It Deserves the Credit

You’d think after being in business for over 5 years now, the Raspberry Pi Foundation would have done something like this before. The start-up, as well as lovers of the Pi across the globe, have most definitely brought out the … Continue reading


Get Creative with the NanoPi Neo, a Linux-based SBC even Cheaper than The Raspberry Pi!

A little adorable Raspberry Pi alternative? How could anything get cuter than the original bite-sized computer board that swept the world with its countless uses and $35 price tag? We are in for a treat, because a company called FriendlyARM, … Continue reading


The Amazingly Cheap Pi Zero Gains a Camera Connector and is Available Now!

What? The Raspberry Pi Foundation has done something else, cheaper than ever before? We’re of course used to the already affordable $20-$35 Pis, which have been slightly upgraded over the past few years. Yet, some of you may still not … Continue reading


The New Raspberry Pi 3 Is Faster, Wi-Fi Enabled and Still Costs Only $35

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, a longtime cult favorite among the DIY pocket computer crowd, has just stepped up their game. The company, which just celebrated its fourth anniversary, has always taken what might be considered a rogue approach to tiny … Continue reading


Watch out Raz Pi Lovers, the New Pine A64 Packs a 64-Bit Processor

Single-board computers, since the beginning of their existence, have been supremely helpful and fun for tinkerers and DIY enthusiasts from all over the world. For example, spending $35 on a Raspberry Pi, which can ultimately do anything a desktop can, … Continue reading


Pi-TopCEED, a $99 Raspberry Pi Desktop Kit, Showing Signs of Immediate Success

The Raspberry Pi is loved by makers everywhere. Reason being, the Raspberry Pi is one of the most versatile single board computers ever invented. It has been used to power tablets, robots, solar panels, gaming systems, and even Google Glass-like … Continue reading


The $5 Raspberry Pi Zero Is Now the Fastest-Selling Computer in History

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or traveled to a place without internet over the Thanksgiving holiday, odds are you’ve seen that the tiny, $5 Raspberry Pi Zero was released over the weekend to smashing results. What you may … Continue reading


Gregory Holloway’s (Pi)cture is a 3D Printed Camera You Can Have Fun Building Too

The Raspberry Pi is a well-loved mini PC that has been giving hobbyists and makers a plethora of new projects to play with since its birth back in 2012. It seems the credit card-sized, single board computers are giving folks … Continue reading


The Raspberry Pi Foundation Finally Releases a Touchscreen Buddy for the Pi

I always say, everybody loves the Raspberry Pi. In all its pocket-sized glory, the mini computer has set the bar for affordable DIY computing and coding. This week, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced the highly anticipated release of its Raz … Continue reading


Meet CHIP – the World’s First $9 Computer

Move over, Raspberry Pi – there’s a new kid in town. Meet CHIP, the latest Kickstarter project from Next Thing and the world’s first nine dollar computer. While in life (and certainly on Kickstarter) there is no such thing as … Continue reading