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The $249 Linux Litebook Wants You to Forget About That Chromebook Equivalent

The Litebook, what is it and why has it been all over laptop news this week? Well, the Litebook is a self-acclaimed “revitalizing” new laptop, entering the market at the perfect time for a- those who appreciate an affordable notebook … Continue reading


The TravelMate Spin B1 Convertible Is Going to Class With Windows 10 Loaded Up

Acer products range from laptops to desktops, to tablets and smartphones, to projectors and even cloud solutions. As of late, it’s become obvious that the company has been in the mood to offer something different; a different kind of PC … Continue reading


“The Thinnest Laptop in the World”: For the Moment, Acer Has It

As you can tell by the title, isn’t there always a hunt for the thinnest laptop in the world, in the universe, the galaxy? Well, actually, it’s more of a focus inside the computer market, considering this is where the … Continue reading


The Linksys Velop Wants to Beat Competition With a More Powerful Wi-Fi System

The year in tech began at CES 2017, where dozens of technological advances are being shown off one by one. From a simple upgrade to a 2-in-1 notebook, or an astonishingly new approach to watching television using facial recognition, CES … Continue reading


Dell Launches VR-Ready Special Edition XPS 8900 Desktop

Dell put some special additions into its XPS 8900 Special Edition Gaming PC. Sometimes I’m lame, but that’s okay, don’t judge me. This upgradable design has been suited for strong gaming, plus the wonderful world of the virtual reality realm. … Continue reading


NexDock Makes Living a Life at Full Display and Functionality a Breeze

NexDock, a three-membered team who just hit the jackpot on Indiegogo, is all about its revolutionary laptop, said to “harness the productivity of smartphones, tablets, and mini PCs by adding a bluetooth keyboard, a capable battery, and a 14-inch screen”. … Continue reading


Samsung Unveils Its $200 Chromebook 3 Featuring Intel Braswell

As I type on my Chromebook, the notion that more and more folks are hopping on the Chromebook train comes as no shock to me. These cheap PCs, particularly loved by students and business folk, are built well, and with … Continue reading


GateKeeper Will Keep You Logged Off Your Computer Until You Walk Back Up to It

A large part of the American workforce sits at a desk and logs onto a computer for the entire day. The rest of the day involves the leaving and returning to the desk, basically as often as any bathroom visit … Continue reading


E Fun’s Flexx 9 Is a Windows 10 Budget 2-In-1 for the Whole Family

So many tablet choices, so little time. Some of us just need to find the perfect one. Some of us would love to have one with a keyboard. Others would love an extra for traveling, or one for their reckless … Continue reading


The TouchJet WAVE Turns Your TV into a Touchscreen

We know about smart TVs, we know about touchscreens, and we know about tablets that have touchscreens. What if we could now turn our TV into a giant tablet just by turning its display into a touchscreen? With the new … Continue reading


The Lenovo ThinkPad Yoga 12 Is an Ultra-Portable and Affordable Hybrid

When it comes to choosing the right laptop or tablet for you, the sheer number of available choices can often be daunting. For those of us that want something that does it all, and does it fast, and does so … Continue reading


Lenovo Joins the Ranks of Pocket PCs with Their New $129 Ideacentre Stick 300

Lenovo announced their tiny PC on a stick this week, joining the ranks of companies like Intel and CTL which debuted their own similarly tiny devices earlier in the year. While Lenovo is not the first kid on the block … Continue reading


The Origin EON15-X Is a Gaming Laptop with Desktop Power

While the growing trend for tablets, hybrids, Chromebooks and even laptops continues to move towards the arena of thinner, lighter and cheaper, there are some things your computer simply needs a little more girth to do. This is especially true … Continue reading


Dell Adds Premium Options to Their Inspiron 15 Laptop Lineup

In between working on the “world’s thinnest tablet” and developing the world’s smallest 13-inch notebook, Dell has been busy adding some pretty sweet upgrades to their mid-range products as well. While the record-setting devices are nice, not everyone can afford … Continue reading


Samsung’s Galaxy A7 Releases in India

Wonder what Samsung has been up to? Well, among the purchase of mobile-pay to challenge Apple, building crazy Smart TVs that listen to us, and getting ready to launch the Galaxy S6, the Korean tech giant has been growing a … Continue reading