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Bitcoin Plummets Just in Time for Blockchain To Invest $30 Million

Paying for items in the virtual world has drastically changed over the years. Re-entering those card numbers and pins on your tablet is so last year. Today, thousands of businesses now accept digital currency for goods and services. Bitcoin is … Continue reading


Japanese Firm Aims to have Space Elevator Operational by 2050

When news first broke a couple of years ago that a Japanese company felt they had the capacity to build a space elevator in the coming years, I took it to be nothing more than a science fiction fantasy project. Surely, even with the vast developments that have been made in space technology, “The Final Frontier” would never be accessible via an elevator in my lifetime.


IBM’s New Supercomputing Chip Works like the Human Brain

Ah, cognitive computing… it’s been one of the most thrilling topics in technology for years. The notion that one day we could actually build a computer that possesses the same power and efficiency as the human brain is fascinating. For … Continue reading


MarkForged Mark One 3D Printer: Brilliant 3D Printing with Brilliant Materials

MarkForged may be a fresh out-of-the box Kickstarter-funded startup, but from it’s success, comes brilliance. It goes without saying that we hear about a new 3D printer every few weeks. So, why not go for something higher on the ‘innovative … Continue reading


Kano Makes the Friendliest, Simplest Raspberry Pi -Based DIY Computer for All Ages

As computers have gotten more complicated they have become more difficult to understand. Today we have different tools than children playing with Legos did. We have cheap computers and free software, and it is more important than ever to give … Continue reading


Europe’s Ambitious Goal to 3D Print Metal With Their AMAZE Project

Unlike its predecessor made of over 115 units, the injector mentioned was made of only two parts, one of the most efficient aspects of using this method. Additive manufacturing is a fancy way of putting what’s really happening here, the ability to build parts layer upon layer from 3D data with next to nothing waste-wise.


E18 – PR2 Robot, Mataerial 3D Printer, Sky High Raspberry Pi | Red Headed Geek Show

  All gadgets this week! Too much rad stuff to not share! Scientists at Cornell University have been developing a PR2 robot capable of anticipating human actions, meaning if you want a beer, the friend will get you one! It … Continue reading


3D Printed Prosthetic Robohand Reaches Across the Ocean & Touches Many Lives

Five-year-old Liam was born with no fingers on his right hand, but he has five of them now, & is even able to pick up small coins.


Mobile Raspberry Pi Computer: Build your own portable Pi-to-Go

The Raspberry Pi Computer is a credit card sized mini PC circuit board that cost only $35. Now you can take it anywhere with the new Mobile Raspberry Pi-to-Go; a real mobile computer that gets up to 10 hours of battery life.


Finding LCD Screen Part Numbers and Specifications

This section will show you how to physically locate you screen part number and locate you screen part number using the Dell laptop Service Tag.