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MIPS Creator CI20 Launches for $65

Back in late 2014, Imagination Technologies, an Apple GPU supplier, announced the release of its own MIPS-based, single-board computer to compete with the so-loved ARM-based Raspberry Pi. The MIPS Creator CI20 came with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 1GB of RAM … Continue reading


Thingsee One, The Worlds First Smart Developer Device for IoT Projects

Founded by a group of ex-Nokia employees in September 2012, Finland based company Haltian Ltd. is creating the worlds first smart developer device for Internet of Things projects, called Thingsee One. Similar to what the Raspberry Pi has done for … Continue reading


E 86- FLUX 3D Printer, Prynt, Raspberry Pi Model A+, Fontus | Red Headed Geek Show

A new 3D printer in the spotlight is a super cool one. FLUX is modular, eliminating the need to get different equipment based on what project you want to tackle. Instead, you can just swap out components. FLUX has a … Continue reading


E83- iCalm, Muse Headband, Hendo Hoverboard | Red Headed Geek Show

iCalm Dog, is an iPod of sorts for dogs that uses calming music –specifically “doggy soothing music” to help with their anxiety. Elements that need to be adjusted for animals are tone, tempo and pattern, and dogs and cats can … Continue reading


Raspberry Pi Touchscreen and Upgraded Model A+ Announcement

Some news in the Raspberry Pi front. Aside from the micro computing board’s continual popularity (yes, these things still sell like hot cakes), the foundation has some news on what we can expect soon. Pi founder Eben Upton has unveiled … Continue reading


Kano Makes Coding “Lego Simple, Raspberry Pi Powerful”

Around this time last year, Raspberry Pi coding kit extraordinaire Kano was pummeling its $100,000 Kickstarter goal. After raising over $150,000 in just one day, Kano has been excited to release its coding toolkit for programming lovers everywhere. Fast forward … Continue reading


CloudBits- Connect Your LittleBits Creation to the Internet

LittleBits Electronics, an open source library of modular electronics that snap together with magnets, is already something of a darling with hardware hackers and designers. Over time, these components have become more and more sophisticated, and now the company is … Continue reading


The Raspberry Pi B+ Has Same $35 Price, More Ports, More Power

The Raspberry Pi Foundation founder, Eben Upton, announced the latest version of the Raspberry Pi Model B, the Model B+, as the “final evolution” of the first-generation Pi. The upgraded version has 2 more USB ports, a microSD card reader,14 … Continue reading


E61- Praying Mantis Wears 3D Glasses, Boomer, LIX Pen, DIY “Google Glass” | Red Headed Geek Show

Lets NOT talk about GOOGLE GLASS!! One of my favorite things to complain about and make fun of! If I am NOT complaining about Google Glass, the only other time I will talk about it is when I have some … Continue reading


The Gramofone Is A Wi-Fi JukeBox For The 21st Century

Fon is a Spanish company founded on Kickstarter, and has since become one of the world’s largest dual-access Wi-Fi network operators. Back in July of 2013, Fon held over 8 million hotspots, while today it has over 13 million around … Continue reading


PiPad: A $350 Touchscreen Raspberry Pi Tablet With Plywood Case

Ever since the Raspberry Pi emerged into the tech world, it has been utilized in countless ways. Many makers and ‘DIYers’ have utilized it’s novelty, flexibility, and affordability to create some phenomenal devices. But how many tablets do we know … Continue reading


Kano Makes the Friendliest, Simplest Raspberry Pi -Based DIY Computer for All Ages

As computers have gotten more complicated they have become more difficult to understand. Today we have different tools than children playing with Legos did. We have cheap computers and free software, and it is more important than ever to give … Continue reading


E28 – WigWag, Fairywren Mini-ITX, 3D Systems Cubify & The Internet of Things | Red Headed Geek Show

  This internet of things concept is rapidly growing, especially in the case of making your home smart and responsive. This is not a very easy thing to do, having gadgets communicate easily with one another, yet with WigWag it … Continue reading


Utilite- The $99 ARM-based Ubuntu PC

As mini as it may be, Utilite doesn't limit its ports or connectivity. As seen in the photo, we've got WiFi b/g/n, Blueooth 3.0, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, HDMI and DVI for video output, 4 USB 2.0's and 1 micro, as well as a micro SD slot and audio jacks.


Project Pi in the Sky, Raspberry Pi Gets a Bird’s Eye View of Space

Over the weekend a man named Dave Akerman, self described as an armchair astronaut, sent a Raspberry Pi and one of the newly released 5 MegaPixel Pi cameras up, up, up and away, as part of his “Eye in the … Continue reading