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Samsung Releases Its Built-to-Order $120,000 TV

This week Samsung showed off its 105-inch Ultra HD TV, the UN105S9W, for a whopping $120,000. That’s a television that costs as much as a BMW, a really, really nice BMW M5. We might remember the CES 2014 sneak peak … Continue reading


Soon, You Could Roll up Your TV like a Newspaper

In a step towards making large displays for flexible TVs, LG’s display division showed off its 18-inch flexible display that can roll up into a cylinder. LG touted this as a significant advance that could make large TVs portable. It … Continue reading


The Micro-Console Could Be The Next Trend In Gaming, The $99 Playstation TV Offers 1,000 Titles, Can Remote Play

Heard of Vita TV? Well, it’s coming to America, with a few changes in store, first! Among Sony’s highly anticipated proclamations during its E3 press conference, Sony announced it will be bringing the PlayStation TV mini console/streaming media device to … Continue reading


Bang & Olufsen Debut BeoVision Avant TV – “The One That Moves”

As our television options become increasingly high-tech, many companies are struggling to stay ahead of the curve and stand out among the competition. Electronic giants like Sony and Samsung have debuted some pretty fantastic 4K and UHD options this year, … Continue reading


“VAIO” Con Dios – Sony Says Goodbye to the PC Business

To anyone who has been paying attention to the Dell restructure earlier this year, or has say, turned on a tv or browsed Google or spent any time in your local coffee shop, Sony’s announcement last week that they were … Continue reading


Google Chromecast Released and Reviewed, Apple’s Airplay Competitor?

The Chromecast in short: a 35 dollar, 2.5 inch dongle that plugs into your TV via HDMI and is able to sling content onto the big screen from your favorite smart device, tablet or computer! Finally, a Google browser on your TV! Believe it or not, this design has been quite challenging for the tech industry, yet is now easily able to manipulate, without the (sometimes annoying) laptop-to television set up process.


World’s First 4K Monitor- ASUS PQ32 & Sony’s 4K Media Player: Both With a Hefty Price

With the Ultra HD display killing it with a 3840 by 2160 pixels (that's 140 per inch) 10-bit RGB panel (meaning a billion colors), and LED backlit! Imagine the color depth you would experience, full of vibrancy, and with 176-degree wide viewing angles on both planes, the shift in color is minimal; while the perfect ratio of brightness and gray-to-gray transition ensures smooth, naturally responding hues.


New Xbox Announced; Rumors Revealed

  Microsoft’s first new Xbox in eight years was officially announced today, streaming live from Xbox.com as well as a few other sites. From all the rumored next-generation names we had heard so far, such as the 720, Durango or … Continue reading


AMD, Intel Chips Power-up Ultrathin, Ultrabook Laptop Sales

You may be excused for momentarily thinking it's a train named hyperbole that's just blowing smoke, with boxcars full of metaphors. You've got to stop doing that.


eHow had Parts-People create 16 how to videos

Parts-people just finished the filming of 16 different informational videos for eHow.com. They had a list of videos that needed to be made on a number of laptop topics. Here are some of them: How to watch TV on your … Continue reading